Oct 20, 2011

{happy 17 days}

little man is getting so big & so much more aware of whats going on, it seems.

one bit of very good news is that monday morning when i came in, they surprised us {or me. daniel is back at work during the daytimes now} by saying that they were moving isaac to progressive care. thats just one step away from home, so we couldn't have been more excited.

a perk of being in this nursery, too {isaac i'm sure, couldn't care less, but mom & dad are liking it} is that it's in the new part of the hospital & he has his own little room now & even a window that looks outside so he can start soaking up a few sun rays.

right now they're just monitoring his shunt & also trying to get him to gain a bit of weight & start bottle feeding. he can take about 2 bottles a day & the rest is going thru the little tube you see in his nose - he's making a lot of progress, though! someone came by to check him out today & agreed with daniel & i that he is doing super duper :)

they're still trying to get a few things worked out still, but overall he's really doing great & we couldn't be more proud of him.

if there could be only one thing we would ask continued prayer for, it would be that his shunt would continue to drain the fluid out of his brain like its supposed to & will heal & repair itself. he had an ultrasound done on it to check & see what kind of progress was being made while i was there today, but we still don't have any kind of results back yet. we'll keep you all posted :)

much love,

the colemans
{mindy, daniel & isaac}


  1. I'm so glad he's doing so well! He's such a cutie! :)

  2. Oh Mindy!! God is soooooooooooo good! I am sitting here smiling from ear to ear at Isaac's progress. As the photo of your dad's hand over Isaac shows... God does have His mighty hand on Isaac.

  3. hello mindy. Jesus loves Issac more than you could ever love him. So rest in that. Jesus is watching over your hearts, and protecting it from fear, worry, anxiousness.. ETC. <3much love.

  4. Mindy,
    I am so happy that he is improving. He is so handsome. I know you are proud of him. He is so strong.I will continue to pray , you can count on that. He is adorable.
    Janet Schultz

  5. He is so precious. Your family is still in my prayers.

  6. He is absolutely precious. What a little fighter. He will be a spunky little boy! Praying blessings and strength.

  7. this post makes me smile today :-) so true, and emotional, would like to have a little baby :-)

  8. So glad that he's doing well and one step closer to coming home. I'm keeping your family in my thoughts!

  9. Isaac is so handsome! I have been praying for you guys and Isaac since Daniel's parents shared their prayer request months ago in our ALG class at Calvary Church. Isaac is a blessing from our great God and he has made so much progress since his birth! Praying for healing and strength for all 3 of you!

  10. We all love little Isaac and we all here in our home pray for the 3 of you.

    Katerina Fanis Fanis jr


  11. I just love you and your family, I'm praying for baby Isaac and I can't wait for you to tell us that he is at home. I know god is going to bless your family even more.

  12. He is so precious, such a handsome boy :)
    Continuing to pray for your family.

  13. We love your little man :) Praying at the Brown house!

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  15. Hi,

    My name is Andrew "ace" Leyva and I attend Covenant Life Church, Gaithersburg, MD . I've never met you, but my friend Casey Tiren, found your blog through mutual friends and informed me you little boy has hydrocephalus. It's been encouraging to see his progress as he and his family walks through this difficulty.

    I have Dandy Walker Hydrocephalus, in my understanding the rarest, most dangerous form, in which, the fourth ventricle is completely blocked by a cyst. I was diagnosed at under 2 years of age and God providentially led my parents to chose Dr. Ben Carson (a Christian!) to perform the shunt surgery. I currently have a VP shunt.

    I'm writing to encourage you through how God has worked in my life since I share some similarities with your son Isaac. I am now 26 years of age (27 on Nov3) and have had 14 shunt surgeries (due either to shunt failures or surgery complications). GOD HAS BEEN FAITHFUL each and every time. I've lived a relatively normal life: walking, driving, attending school and college, and now working a 9-4, 40hr/wk job as a web developer. In fact, many people do not know of my condition unless I tell them (or if I have a really short haircut they can see the scar). Hydrocephalus has not limited me (for the most part) physically (boxing is a bad idea) or mentally. I'm currently taking a couple courses at Reformed Theological Seminary. I also lead a Small Group, have lead Alpha groups, and lead a Children's Ministry room of crazy 5 year olds (who I gently ask not to punch me in the back of the head :P ). All this is to point to that despite my condition, I have been able to lead a normal, fruitful life - and all this by God's amazing grace!

    More than that, I believe God has done amazing spiritual work in me through my hydrocephalus. God saved me at around age 13, and I'd grown up always "believing in God". My suffering had always caused me to look beyond this world. When God saved me, I found the amazing comfort in suffering that only He can bring. I have many stories of God's faithfulness. In short, God has given me an incredible faith and trust that He is bringing good whether He chooses in His time to physically heal me, or whether I continue with this condition till my dying day (and I get my glorified body in heaven), and I count this as a miracle that He would enable me to trust Him so deeply in this area (I wish I did in evey area!) I have grown much deeper in my relationship with the Lord through my many surgeries, and I can honestly say I wouldn't trade them away.

    Here's how I'm praying for your Isaac (similar to my prayers for myself): I pray God would bring physical healing to your little boy, that doctors and friends would stand in awe of God, and that He would bring many to Himself. More importantly than any physical healing, I pray that God would draw Isaac deeply in relationship with Himself. That God would use any suffering in this boy's life to result in more joy, peace and comfort in God. I'm praying God would glorify Himself tremendously whether His plan is physical healing, and sustainment through suffering. I'm praying that God would use Isaac in the days to come to comfort and counsel others, as one who has received God's comfort. I'm praying for you both, that God would convince you of His love for you and your little boy, and enable your to trust His goodness regardless of what lies ahead.

    “The sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us” (Romans 8:18)

    your brother in Christ,

    Andrew “ace” Leyva

    ps: I've written a notes regarding my latest surgery which you are welcome to read if you'd find it helpful in strengthening your faith.

  16. what a handsome lil man Isaac is. I am so happy to hear all is looking good so far. Every little step of progress is just that, a step forward. Jesus is watching over each and every one of you right now. <3