Oct 2, 2011

{maybe my last post for awhile}

tonite i think is just going to be a sleepless night.
i've fought quite a few of them lately, but this one is a little too achey to fall back asleep, i'm pretty sure.

so after a doctors appt. on friday, my induced-by date is still the same, but apparently there's a pretty good chance i could go into labor on my own early. like, any time.

dudes, you don't have to read this stuff. i will try not to be graphic.
but as of friday morning, i was over 3cm dilated + my cervix was at about 85%, & i've had more contractions since, but always somewhat inconsistently, so this little guy could just decide he wants to be here before then pretty easily, i think.

so just in case i'm mia for awhile, i'll have a few guest posts here & there. & i've also dug up a few favorite past post to keep you company:

our favorite pita chips

easy christmas gifts

a great makeup brush cleaner

the best cheese fondue

a different kind of facial cleanser/makeup remover


  1. yay! how exciting for you. :) i know you can't wait to hold baby isaac in your arms! and how awesome if you could actually go into labor on your own instead of having to be induced!

  2. you are too cute planning little posts for us while your away! I hope everything goes well and best wishes and blessings!
    :) Bobbie

  3. so exciting that he will be here soon! many prayers covering you all this week!

  4. Hi there! You don't know me but I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and have loved everything about it - from the way you write with honesty and grace to the photos you take to your awesome brush cleaner "recipe!" I have also been completely amazed and humbled by your hope and trust in God as you prepare for a lovely new baby. I just wanted to write this note to encourage you that your blog has meant something to at least one person (and probably a lot more!) and to let you know that prayers from people you don't even know are coming your way for a beautiful, healthy, wonderful baby boy to be born safely and with much joy!

  5. I am praying for both you and your little godsend. What an exciting time!

    If you want to encourage those contractions to increase and grow in strength naturally, I recommend acupressure. For me it has a great success rate!

    On the inside of either leg, four fingers up from the round ankle bone, so on your calf, is a tender point. Press firmly here until you experience a contraction. Wait 10-15 mins and do the same on the other leg. 4 or 5 cycles of this should really help you along. And walk walk walk as much as you can. Really helps dilation and pain management.

    God bless!!!


  6. Praying for you and your sweet baby boy! :)

  7. How exciting! We are thinking of you and your little one!