Nov 22, 2011

{win a pair of TOMs & more}

Hello readers and friends of Mindy!

My name is Kendra Sands. I have had the pleasure of being friends with Mindy and Daniel since before they were "the Colemans in love". They are very very dear to me. I asked permission to hijack the blog today to share with you an awesome opportunity to help them out!

After reading a lot of your comments, I know that you all love Mindy, Daniel and Isaac very much...that you have carried them in prayers, and that you ache for a way to serve them.
Mindy doesn't talk much about it, but you can probably guess that the hospital expenses in caring for sweet Isaac are quite intense.

You might not have noticed, but there is a button to the right that you can click on to donate to help them out. If you have given already, THANK YOU.
An awesome blogging friend of mine, Knox McCoy, began following the Coleman's story a few months back. He has a baby girl about the same age as Isaac, so their story hit close to home. Knox came up with a brilliant idea to help them raise money for Isaac's medical bills, and also allow you to win a pair of TOMs!
So please go to Knox's blog to find out more:

Also, please help by spreading the word about this giveaway. Tweet it, blog it, facebook it, tattoo it on your neck, whatever you can do to help!

PS- And while I am here, maybe you all can settle a mini-debate Daniel and I had. I like to think of Isaac having a deeper, tough guy voice. That is how i make him talk when I'm around him. Daniel gives him a higher pitched, kinda squeaky voice. Like a cartoon puppy. Which do you feel would be more accurate?


  1. I'm thinking like a sexier James Earl Jones.

  2. i bet he sounds like Dean Martin when he sings