Nov 29, 2011

{& the winner is…}

head on over to knox's blog {if you haven't already} & pick out your toms!!!
{& by the way…i want a picture once you get them!}

i've kind of kept quiet this past week, if you all haven't noticed. when knox & kendra first mentioned doing this giveaway i was first of all, totally amazed by knox. daniel & i haven't even met him & he has spent so much time & his own money into this giveaway & he would probably try to downplay that & say it really isn't that big of a deal - but it really is, so THANK YOU. & thank you kendra for helping out this past week, too & for the crazy amount of people that tweeted about this & got the whole #babyisaac thing going. it was insane to watch all of that happening!

we are totally humbled - because i don't know if we would have given like you all have in the past. every person that donated to us is amazing whether it was $5 or $500 - just taking the time & sacrificing funds {that i know are in short supply for so many people} to do that for us means so much & HELPS so much.

isaac is the most beautiful & costly gift we've ever received - in a lot of ways. but right at the outset it helps incredibly much to know we don't have to worry about bills so much & can just take care of & love on him.

i'm pretty sure i could type for forever & it wouldn't be enough to thank you all. just know that we are beyond grateful for each & every one of you. & isaac is grateful, too.

much much love,
the colemans.

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