Dec 19, 2011

{lavender hot cocoa}

one of my favourite things about winter time is all of the hot drinks we've been making.
& even daniel liked this lavender hot cocoa.

i know. i was a bit surprised, too.
all it does is add a bit of a warmer taste that you can feel down in your belly. its quite nice.
& to make it extra fun, we used dark chocolate instead of a cocoa mix - but you can really do either.

it only take a few extra minutes, & is worth a try at least once this winter!

you will need:
2 cups of milk
3 ounces of dark chocolate
1/4 tsp of dried lavender buds
1 tsp of vanilla

heat milk + lavender over medium heat until milk is beginning to steam. then set aside for 5-10 minutes & let the lavender seep into the milk a bit. then strain the lavender.
i opted to skip this step to make things go quicker, but you really don't want a lot of lavender buds in your cocoa. really. the texture is a bit weird. you could even pour your milk into a french press & strain if you don't have cheesecloth, which is probably what i'll do next time around...
now put your milk back on the stove & add chocolate & vanilla. stir until combined & top with a dollop of whipped cream & go watch yourself something festive. like white christmas.


  1. This sounds super interesting...I want to try it now!!!

  2. Mmmmm! Hot drinks are definitely wonderful during the winter!

  3. this sounds delicious! so going to have to try!

  4. That looks delicious! Thanks for sharing :-)
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  5. hey there! i just found your blog via andrew&carissas and i read about your beautiful baby boy's story. it broke my heart. but i am so glad for him that he has such wonderful parents like you and that you will protect him and care for him as good as you can. we gonna pray for him, so you have to mark a spot somewhere in Austria on his map! I am sure he will have an amazing and fullfilled life!

    all the best,

    Hannah & Florian.