Jan 20, 2012

{colby june}

in honor of the new year - & just for fun, too, there are a few changes to my blog!

one is a new header {isaac was a little jealous his picture wasn't in it}
& i am also partnering up with a few small businesses that are sponsoring my blog, too. i'm super excited about this. they are all shops that i love & they have products that i LOVE.

so every so often there will be little giveaways or promos going on from them, too :)
i so admire anyone that is brave enough to pursue the craft they love & are skilled in & pursue it as their career. wow.

which leads me to colby june.
does anyone remember when i posted this picture a while back & was trying to figure out how to get ahold of these rings? well, thanks to a friend, i figured it out & they led me to colby's etsy! she makes this stuff. fabulous rings, bracelets, necklaces etc...

colby sent me a few of her rings & i can say firsthand that they are fabulous, delicate & pretty.
i'm actually using the silver band she sent over as my wedding band, now.

i had a super difficult time finding one that looked right with the ring daniel got me - they were all too wide & this is exactly what i had been looking for all this time!

guys, you have about a month until valentine's day…& a little longer to mothers day. or if you are like me, you can get a major head start on christmas ;)

colby is offering a discount on all the items in her shop from now until the end of february.
i gave you all the wrong code a few days ago, so so sorry. i didn't make it caps. but all is fixed now!
just type in COLEMANSINLOVE15 on your checkout page where it says 'apply shop coupon code'

you can click on the button on the right hand side of the page to get to colby's etsy shop.


  1. Love the new header! And such beautiful jewelry! :)

  2. the ring the rings!!!! i wanna have them. soooooo beautiful. i'm totally in love!
    Awwwww. They are so beautiful. Hey, by the way the new header is great! =) love it!

  3. mindy! i want a pic of the silver thin band with your engagement ring.

  4. it makes me smile so much to see isaac's cute little face every time i view your blog now. :) love the rings! congrats on the sponsorships!

  5. i've been searching for these for so long! LOVE.
    thanks for sharing. : )

    just so you know--the coupon code doesn't work.

  6. lydia - i just got it fixed! its COLEMANSINLOVE15. you need to have the caps on. that was my bad!

  7. such lovely jewelry- my eye has been on that gold stone one for awhile... it's kinda perfect.

  8. Somehow stumbled onto your blog. Very touched by your story, and inspired. And LOVE those rings! :)