Feb 24, 2012

{home at long last}

surgery number four is done & we are all home.

i updated a bit thru twitter & things this past week but i'm sorry its been a bit quiet if you've been looking for updates here.

a need to get a laptop again eventually for hospital times.

surgery day went really well.
isaac went in at 7 for what we thought would be a 3-4 hour surgery. 
...so then 3 o'clock rolls around & he was still in surgery & we were getting incredibly antsy.
it was a long day to say the least.
but after nearly 8 hours we were told everything was done & isaac was doing well {we did get a few updates in between time, too, but still. the length of it all was scary…} 
it just turned out that the surgeon was being extra extra careful - which we definitely appreciate.
isaacs body just kind of did its own thing in the intestinal catergory & they didn't know what some things were & what they were connected to just from looking at them at first, which accounted for a lot of the extra time.

he is healing up well so far - still a bit sore. & still with a catheter thru next week, but everything went just about as well as we could have hoped!

i am so grateful to be home.
sleeping in a bed again.
& seeing my little boy smile again.

we had a few long, kind of discouraging days but we made it thru.

& the hospital wasn't so bad, actually, in the recovery time.
kind of peaceful & nice.
lots of time to read & listen to music & hold buddy & just be.
the kind of time that i just don't take a lot of at home.

if it weren't for the sofa & well, the surgery it could almost be a vacation.


but all was successful & he came home with a little bottom :)

just one more in may sometime & we will be done!

thanks for praying & thinking of us this past week & for the encouraging posts & things.

much love from the colemans.

Feb 18, 2012

{tomorrow is the day}

tomorrow bright & early we are headed to the hospital to get isaac on a protein drip & have some ultrasounds & other surgery prep done for monday morning.

daniel will be back & forth at the house some, but i am planning on being at the hospital for the week starting tomorrow.

unless there are no showers.

in which case i will be taking a few trips home - at least we all hope…

we're praying for a smooth & relatively simple surgery & would appreciate your prayers on monday morning! i'm looking forward to this week, in an odd way. maybe more of it is just looking forward to it being over, we've talked about it so much. & let it be known that i may try to sneak my french press & coffee grinder in my suitcase.

it will be a nice week with isaac though. hopefully a fairly slow one, just me & him & daniel. & some doctors.

i'll keep you all posted come monday afternoon!

Feb 10, 2012

{what we're reading}

some of my favourite books growing up were my moms. & isaac will soon get to read them now, too.
i love that.
'fortunately' by remy charlip is one of my very very favourites. it is well loved. the cover went missing a long time ago & my name adorns multiple pages in red crayon.
i may buy another one on amazon. just so we have one that doesn't fall apart.
the same goes for 'never tease a weasle'

the pictures in older books hardly ever compare to new ones. they are so intricate & bright.

a few other favourites are:

'harveys hideout' by russell hoban
'the mole family's christmas' by russell hoban
all the winnie the pooh books by a.a. milne
'the little prince' by antoine de saint-exupery
'the rumpoles & the barleys' by karen hunt
'you are special' by max lucado

& then i'm curious about a few as well.
'wildwood', in particular. by colin meloy of the decemberists….

what are some of your favourite children's books?
we are still working on expanding our collection so we want suggestions!

Feb 8, 2012

{valentines treats}

i'm thinking thru valentine's day this year…
& am a bit at a loss for the first time.

we are celebrating five valentine's together. all of which have been pretty big times for us.
our first 'date' was a last minute starbucks time. of two people with colds & wanting tea. & agreeing to meet up & have tea together. i wasn't looking my very finest. so i knew the boy was a keeper.
second valentine's was 'i love you'
third was our first married.
our fourth was when i told daniel he was going to be a daddy.
& this year we will celebrate with isaac.

each year we go to the same starbucks. & wear the outfits we met in on our cold induced first date - more or less.& this year we will do the same again.

no. 2, 3 & 4.

we have a fondue date at home planned.
but i'm at a loss in the crafting/gifting department still…

my beloved pinterest has given me a few ideas:

valentine's garlands i made last year.
maybe i can whip up a few more…

Source: google.com via Amy on Pinterest

a quick & easy valentine's display that kind of makes me want to paint all of our chairs red...

valentine's printables.

something quick & easy that i can make morning of - strawberry cheesecake pairfaits. for the cheesecake lover that doesn't have a spring pan.

& single doesn't mean you can't celebrate vday with your friends, i think.
it's a fun time to still make fun cards & write your friends & family little notes hello. & eat cheesecake & fondue. whaaaaat. yes. i said it. its only one day a year.

super easy. sew pretty ribbons on a notecard.

make little portrait cards with lined paper & cardboard.
{i used to be in the habit of making little portrait cards for friends. maybe i'll start it up again this year?}

any fun ideas for valentines day?
leave a comment & any links below & i'll try to do another post with YOUR ideas!

Feb 2, 2012

{we have a date! & a winner!}

we have a date for sweet baby's surgery.
february 20th. early in the morning.
i am not looking forward to taking isaac back to the hospital. but this will be good :)
& we feel mostly at peace about it. its just the first time back since we took him home. we'll probably be there for a few days, but i'll give an update afterwards & let you all know how things went!

i was putting together our blurb book for the year & came across photos from his last surgery. he looks so teeny & pitiful. i'm grateful for every ounce of baby fat he's gained. this time around should be much better…

Also, we have a WINNER from last weeks giveaway:

KRISTIE!!! congrats. you're the lucky lady!
send Uzi an email at holylandstreasures@gmail.com