Feb 8, 2012

{valentines treats}

i'm thinking thru valentine's day this year…
& am a bit at a loss for the first time.

we are celebrating five valentine's together. all of which have been pretty big times for us.
our first 'date' was a last minute starbucks time. of two people with colds & wanting tea. & agreeing to meet up & have tea together. i wasn't looking my very finest. so i knew the boy was a keeper.
second valentine's was 'i love you'
third was our first married.
our fourth was when i told daniel he was going to be a daddy.
& this year we will celebrate with isaac.

each year we go to the same starbucks. & wear the outfits we met in on our cold induced first date - more or less.& this year we will do the same again.

no. 2, 3 & 4.

we have a fondue date at home planned.
but i'm at a loss in the crafting/gifting department still…

my beloved pinterest has given me a few ideas:

valentine's garlands i made last year.
maybe i can whip up a few more…

Source: google.com via Amy on Pinterest

a quick & easy valentine's display that kind of makes me want to paint all of our chairs red...

valentine's printables.

something quick & easy that i can make morning of - strawberry cheesecake pairfaits. for the cheesecake lover that doesn't have a spring pan.

& single doesn't mean you can't celebrate vday with your friends, i think.
it's a fun time to still make fun cards & write your friends & family little notes hello. & eat cheesecake & fondue. whaaaaat. yes. i said it. its only one day a year.

super easy. sew pretty ribbons on a notecard.

make little portrait cards with lined paper & cardboard.
{i used to be in the habit of making little portrait cards for friends. maybe i'll start it up again this year?}

any fun ideas for valentines day?
leave a comment & any links below & i'll try to do another post with YOUR ideas!


  1. Love the idea of the portrait cards! So cute :) You are so creative!

  2. my cookies for you guys are famous now they're on your blog. they're happy about that.

  3. Adorable ideas....love the red chairs and the ribbon card! Hope your first Valentine's with Isaac is super special. :)

  4. loved the pictures you put on top - you and daniel are so cute together

  5. Aw, that is so sweet that you guys go to the same place every year! Love it.

  6. I am at a loss too, I live long distance from my boyfriend and we haven't celebrated VDay together even though this will be our third being "together". I gave him a little scrapbook of 5 reasons why I love him last year, but it was a few days after VDay. Hmm...

  7. awww what a great idea to wear the outfits again and again. you're such a sweet couple and lot's of love for little isaac.

  8. I love these cards! I may have to swipe an idea or two for a last minute surprise ;-)

  9. i love that you go to the same place every year. how sweet is that. what an amazing tradition.