Feb 2, 2012

{we have a date! & a winner!}

we have a date for sweet baby's surgery.
february 20th. early in the morning.
i am not looking forward to taking isaac back to the hospital. but this will be good :)
& we feel mostly at peace about it. its just the first time back since we took him home. we'll probably be there for a few days, but i'll give an update afterwards & let you all know how things went!

i was putting together our blurb book for the year & came across photos from his last surgery. he looks so teeny & pitiful. i'm grateful for every ounce of baby fat he's gained. this time around should be much better…

Also, we have a WINNER from last weeks giveaway:

KRISTIE!!! congrats. you're the lucky lady!
send Uzi an email at holylandstreasures@gmail.com


  1. Glad it's on the calendar! Got meals in my freezer for you guys! Love you :)

  2. I'll definitely be thinking of you three on the 20th!

  3. !!! :) :) i work in a missionary school as a teacher and know that i'll be praying for you in the presence of God whenever i can. keeping my fingers and toes crossed! love, xx amadea