Mar 2, 2012

{catching some early spring rays + new sponsor: frosted willow}

it has been a really mild winter, here. i'm thinking we may not even get a snow before its all said & done.
but lately, it has been feeling like spring, already. & isaac & i have been enjoying lots of walks. just us two & with friends & with daniel.

after being indoors so much of the winter, i've been taking isaac outside with me for any little thing i can think of. pruning trees, gardening, opening mail…anything. i hope it stays this way for awhile, still...

we have a new blog sponsor: Frosted Willow. they make a lot of initial charms & bangle bracelets & things. & they're some of the most reasonable ones i've seen, too! i was looking a lot around christmas time & these were my favorites,

i got a sweet little bracelet with an 'i' on it for my boy.
& a little heart on the back.

i feel like a legit mommy now.

i'll wear it when he's older & tell him that i think of him even when he's not there.

its the next best thing to getting his name actually tattooed on me somewhere ;)

she's offering a 10% discount in her shop if you use the code DAISY at checkout, so hurry on over!


  1. you know what? i've never seen a baby smile as much as issac. (it must be true that we all grow into our name.)

  2. He is so adorable! You are going to be such an amazing mom :)

  3. Oh what a sweetie! You guys are such cuties together!!!

  4. That bracelet is absolutely adorable. And your little guy just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Glad you guys are getting some sunshine too.

  5. I agree with Britt, Isaac is the happiest looking little boy I have ever seen. What a great job you are both doing of giving him the happiest childhood possible, you see it all in his smile :-)

  6. His littler smile is the greatest!!! So sweet and precious. Love the bracelet!

  7. baby is the cutest! xo, amadea

  8. you have the cutest little family and I love that bracelet :)