Mar 15, 2012

{favorite apps!}

i am one of the few people left on earth without an iphone, but i'm okay with that.
especially since daniel got me an ipod touch for my birthday last year.
my ipod does just about everything i would use a phone for & i can still play around with all the apps. win/win - for now ;)

there are a few apps that i LOVE that you may know about, but maybe not, so i thought i would share just a couple of them:

paper karma: has cleaned out our mailbox. our actual mailbox.
i love this app so much i could write a song about it almost. we haven't received any credit card offers in WEEKS when we were getting 2+ a day. nice on your paper shredder & nice on the trees :)
all you do is take a picture on your iphone of the junk mail, catalogue, whatever & they do the rest. i don't know how it works, but it does…

daily water: proof that i don't drink NEAR enough water. but has actually helped. i am so task driven i will drink a glass just so i can check it off. thats how much i love lists.
there is a free version & a paid one that sends you reminders to drink water. i don't have that one yet, but i think i will soon.

sleep cycle: wakes me up sometime in a 30 minute period when you're supposedly in a lighter sleep. i think it actually works. worth the dollar if i don't need espresso first thing every am.

what are some of your favourite apps? do share!

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  1. just downloaded all 3 apps! thank you! i'm a new iphone owner and always looking for new apps to get