Mar 6, 2012

{fighting the end of winter colds}

we have a pitiful little home right now.

daniel had a cold sneak up on him this weekend.
& i am warding off the same aforementioned cold.

isaac was whisked away this morning to my parents house to hopefully avoid the sniffles we have going around. & is just beginning to get his first few chompers in, too. which means a little extra fussing. poor buddy.

so anytime someone starts feeling sick around  here, we have our little routines that we start: either a combination or some of these:

rosehip tea. or rosehip + hybiscus.
{rosehips have massive amounts of vitamin C in them. you can actually find (with rosehips) often added to bottles of vitamin c. every time i start feeling icky this is what i go to first. you can find both in the bulk herb sections at health food stores.}

echinacea. one before bed with a cup of tea to help keep the scratchy throat at bay thru the night. one in the morning with a grapefruit and honey.

lots of chickeny soups & broth

dr. thompson's coldwar - i actually just found this buried deep in our cupboard this past weekend & it seems to have cured me right up with the addition of cups of tea & grapefruit. i think we'll be buying more to have on hand for next time around.

do you have any tried and true cold remedies? i'm all ears!


  1. aw, hope you and Daniel get to feeling better and that little man doesnt catch it <3

  2. I use Oil of Oregano and Garlic - they are natural antibiotics. And, honestly, they have knocked out more than a few colds for me. Get better soon!

  3. Opti-Biotic, it's packed full of vitamins and herbs. You're supposed to take it first sign of a cold to stop it but it also clears icky lungs right up. Only downside is it's a big pill and has cayenne pepper so it can give ya some awful heartburn if you take it too close to bedtime.

  4. I hope you are both better soon. We take zinc tablets to help prevent colds over the winter, especially if Christmas is coming up or an important occasion that we need to be well for. If we have forgotten then they also seem to help shorten the cold's duration. Here is a relatively recent study.

    We also love honey and lemon with hot water, a stick of cinnamon and a few cloves make it extra nice. That certainly makes us feel better :-)

  5. Here is the zinc study article I forgot to include :-)

  6. I have a remedy I absolutely swear by: oil of oregano. It tastes foul, but it works! I take it, a couple of drops on the back of the tongue, just as I feel a cold coming on, and repeat as needed. For my full cold-fighting formula... here:

  7. Hope you guys get to feeling better!

  8. get well soon! honey and peppermint tea always soothes the throat. well... at least for me. kiss baby for me! :) xo, amadea

  9. Great Cold prevention tips: take 1,ooomg.Vitamin C a day as part of your daily regimine-upon Drs. approval. Extra Vitamin D via sunhshine or pill-again if Dr. approves but should not be a problem for most people to do both of these. Once you start to feel the sniffles coming, soak your forearms in very warm water for a few minutes. this causes more blood to circulate to nose, sinus cavities etc. Of course plenty of rest never hurts!! I'm 78 and by following these steps, I can not remember when I have had a cold. Prayer and God's grace I'm sure are to be credited!!!