Mar 19, 2012

{new sponsor: purusha people}

 i am making it apart of my 24 before 24 {remember from last year?} list that i need to get back in shape & take care of myself better now that isaac is getting a bit more settled.

you know how i know it needs to happen?

well…i just had a baby six months ago {ahhh! SIX!!! where has the time gone already?!} that is reason enough.
but we took isaac to the park a few weeks ago & i tried going across the monkey bars...

seriously. i heard my limbs squeak. & then scream.
it was the hardest thing i've done in AGES.
& then daniel laughed at me the whole way home as i moaned & groaned about my arms.

before i got pregnant, i was doing yoga a good bit - & it was also warmer out & daylight lasted longer, so daniel & i would go for long walks.

yoga helped me SO much with a lot of back problems i have & made me feel stronger & more energized. i loved it.

but i got out of the habit. & once we came home with isaac, i just stayed out of the habit.

then i got this lovely package in the mail from purusha people & all of my motivation suddenly reappeared.

they are the comfiest of yoga pants {&top}
i am hooked. & they are totally hand dyed & screen printed & sewn. which is also amazing!

they've also been nice to just lounge around the house in, too - you know, because i don't brave the crowds a lot these days. & this way at least i'm in matching clothes when daniel comes home.
that is reason enough to be joyful :)

so apart from the motivation brought on by fun yoga gear -i've also found a nice 10 minute yoga workout on netflix that is fabulous, because sometimes thats all i have before isaac wakes up again. & if i have longer i'll do another one. its a set of five 10 minute workouts. mommies everywhere should know about these. they have been so great! even if its just for short bursts at a time…

so here is to becoming strong again & being motivated. just in time for spring :)


  1. Ooo, I have never done yoga but as I am approaching my 6 week post partum checkup I know I need to find something to get out of the post-baby slump. Off to add this to my netflix queue. :)

  2. I do those 10 minute workouts on Netflix too! They are perfect nap time workouts (:

  3. I have been doing these ten minute work outs now for at least a year (not very consistently) but enough to really love them! The instructor is great and the work outs are so doable!

  4. You look fantastic for having a 6 month old. I love the pants, maybe they'll do a giveaway? *hint hint* Either way, I think I need a pair of those. The seafoam green with lace waistband is ridiculously cute.

  5. Haha, this totally cracked me up because I am waaaay out of habit too after having my little girl. Those 10 minute solution workouts are great! Yoga/pilates are super relaxing and you feel so flexible afterwards! Those pants sound amazing. You go!!

  6. I had no idea how out of practice I was until I just tried two of those workouts! They are great and I would never have found them so thank you!