Mar 28, 2012

{test results}


okay, first off SORRY for not posting this sooner! i'm horrible to leave everyone hanging for so long.
we still don't have all of the final results back from a few of isaac's mri's - we have a few follow up appointments a few weeks out, still for those, but we at least got really brief updates on those & we've talked with a few doctors already, too. so here is what we have:
{sorry its long & kind of technical. i'll try to keep everything readable...}

-isaac had a BAER hearing test done - basically so we would know if his hearing loss was more to do with bone structure or if there was actually something wrong with his eardrums. so it came down to us knowing there was something wrong, but not knowing if it was 'fixable' & we are very glad to know now that with a hearing aid or possible surgery down the road his should be able to hear fine :)
we still haven't talked to this doctor, so i don't know timeframes or anything, but just that news alone makes us very glad.

so next step there is to talk with our doctor & we'll probably be adding to our list of therapists someone that can help us with this, too.

-we also talked to the specialist that monitors his hydrocephalous {fluid in his brain} & spine & got the results back from those mri's. & his shunt {the device that drains the fluid from his brain} is still working great & its working so things are looking better, there. they showed us an mri of his brain from before they put the shunt in & one of what it looks like now & it is so much better! the ventricle that is supposed to be alined in the center of your brain was originally moved over way way on the right side making the left side of his brain about 5x larger than the right, & it has moved back over to the left side a good bit, so again, we're happy there, too.

-i suppose the most concerning news was about his spine - & even that could definitely have been worse. there were a few vertebrae around his neck area that were partly fused, which would just limit neck rotation a tiny bit, & then a possibility of a tethered spine forming at some time down the road, but again, fixable with surgery. i'm grateful, at least that so many things are.

-they also checked out his eyes & said his optic nerves were still small, but otherwise were totally fine - when he was first born they even told us that he could possibly be blind. we would just have to wait & see, but he is SO alert & attentive & is awesome at tracking things up & down & every which way. another miracle.

i've been working on a blurb book for this past year & have been going thru all of the early pictures of isaac. he looked so tiny & frail. i can hardly believe he is the same smiling baby, now. he is the sweetest little person. i never would have believed he could make our hearts so much bigger.

thank you to everyone that as prayed & thought of us this past week! we're so grateful.
love you all!


  1. Allow me to be the first to comment! I love my daughter, son-in-law and have all brought a very bright light in a very dim world and I'm proud to be related to all of you...signed, PROUD FATHER AND GRANDFATHER!

  2. I've said it before but I'll say it again. You are so strong! I'm still praying for your little family!

  3. I'm so pleased to read such good news! You are all and will forever be in my prayers. Your little boy is such a miracle and I'm so in awe of how well you handle everything you've had to go through. Love from me, my partner and my little Isaac. :-) xx

  4. So happy it all seems to be relatively good news! Isaac is just the sweetest and my husband and I both always check for updates on him. Your little family is so blessed and precious.

  5. i'm so glad that the results were good! praise the Lord :) still praying, love you guys!

    ps you seriously have the cutest baby ever!! i love seeing pictures of him :)

  6. Hi Mindy, I am so glad that there is such good news for your little guy which in turn is good news for you. A friend of mine here in South Africa has a FA little boy who turned 3 in December. She has created a website and a blog for him and I thought you may find it encouraging and also I have shared your story with her and she was so moved by it.

    The website address is:

    God bless

  7. this makes me so relieved. phew! thanks for the update! xo, amadea. p.s sending you a virtual hug. you are so strong. kiss baby for me as well! :)

  8. This is such wonderful news. I'm so happy things went well. We'll keep praying for you all from Chicago!

  9. Issac is full of so many miracles! Glad to hear that the test results came back positive. Thanks for the update.

  10. what a great update for me to read before bed, will continue to pray for sweet Isaac. Keep the good news and blessings coming. God is so good.

  11. I'm just getting to know you guys but know that I am praying fiercely for Isaac. He reminds me so much of Eli in these pictures. I'll send some of Eli's miracle magic your way <3