Apr 23, 2012

{enjoying the small things}

today is surprisingly chilly & gray outside. especially with all of the warm weather we've had lately.

the perfect kind of at home day.
& as a matter of fact, one of the first we have had completely at home in a while.

i am enjoying every bit of it.
the feeling of having nothing to do. except for the mountain of dirty clothes that are calling my name.
but even piles of laundry are such a welcome sight today.

the whooshing sound that the traffic makes outside.

the soft sizzling of a grilled pb&j in a grandmoms skillet.
{it sounds crazy, but it was amazing, guys!}

i don't know why today more than any other day that the branches swaying outside my window - bursting with pretty white flowers, makes me stop and stare. & realise minutes later i'm still staring.

its not for a lack of things to do. but today, more than most, even, a walk past my little blooming garden - just to see how much things have grown since yesterday, or laying down next to a sleeping baby, seem much more important.

a day of no stress is very good for these young bones today.
hope you all are having a nice monday!


  1. yay for a small garden. what are you growing?

  2. I'm so glad to hear you've had a good day! God knows we need those days!

  3. no stress, chill days are so wonderful! and what a lovely little garden. happy week to you, mama!

    xo, amanda

  4. heather - i actually dont know what everything is! the top photo is kale. & the bottom photo on the right is arugula. but i got a packet of seeds that was just mixed greens, so its actually a bit hard to know if some of them are weeds or not ;)

  5. i love chilly, gray days to enjoy things you can miss otherwise. so glad you had a day free of stress!

    and, grilled pb&j? that sounds ridiculously good. i'm definitely going to try it.

  6. Sounds very peaceful and nice. God is good, those days are a gift.

  7. I love days like that. I never know where that feeling comes from and why it can't just stick around all the time, but it's pretty great when it shows up :)