Apr 13, 2012

{more birthday celebrations}

i love blogging.
its just something that's relaxing for me, somehow - & has become something super encouraging, too, thanks to all of you! oh my gosh…the sweetest comments & emails you guys!!! seriously. you all are amazing! i'm sorry i haven't been more awesome at writing back to everyone. i'm going to try, i promise!

lately things have been really incredibly busy & blogging has kind of been the first thing to put off.
the kind of busy where i get to the end of the day & have to decide if we want to eat dinner or have clean clothes to wear in the morning, because having both isn't really an option.
i know that kind of sounds impossible, but it's been that kind of busy. so hopefully i'll actually post more than an 'ahhhh we're so busy' kind of a post.

but in other news…i hope you all had a fabulous easter! we celebrated a lot of easter on good friday. sunday was also my mom's birthday {happy birthday mom!!!!}, so we did a bit of birthday celebrating, too.
i also tried my hand at making a special birthday cake. a three layer coconut cake. this one.
i don't have a picture of it because it didn't turn out looking super beautiful. my third layer ended up cracking down the middle, giving it more of a coconut cavern look rather than a cake .but it was so delicious! i think i may stick to cupcakes for the most part, though...


  1. I'm definitely in the same boat, mindy. things have been so busy for me, sadly my blog is the last thing on my mind! but oh my word, isaac looks so grown up in these pics! i love it! and you look beautiful, as usual!

  2. I love how grumpy Isaac looks in these pictures! Like he is in desperate need of a nap, haha.

    Happy birthday to your Mom! Hope y'all's life slows down a bit. :)

  3. Hahahah It looks like Isaac definitely had fun. And oh em jee. That cake sounds delicious! My grandma and mom have always told me that the ugly cakes are the most delicious. The cracks in the middle give you an excuse to fill it full of more coconut or icing or both!

  4. your blog is so beautiful & inspiring! I found you recently & have a been a silent reader for a few weeks. I thought it was time i commented to let you know : )

    also what kind of camera/lens do you use? your DOF is amazing!

  5. the photos of isaac kill me! he is too cute!!

  6. looks like you have a great family!

  7. loving the pictures!! Sounds like your cake was yummy!!

  8. that last photo makes the post, SO CUTE

  9. Hi Mindy! Isaac is looking more adorable than ever. You guys all look so happy:) I actually was wondering about your nose ring. I ordered the same one that you have from holylandtreasures and currently just have a stud in my nose. Do you ever have a problem with the particular nose ring you have rotating in your nose? I'm worried about my hole closing if the ring moves around while I'm sleeping or what not because it doesn't have a stopper at one end. Thank you!