May 1, 2012

{help save a baby isaac: calling all med students!}

may 1st is fanconi anemia {FA} day.

so in honor of the occasion, i have a new page up on my blog. {up at the top} it tells a little bit more about isaac, & it also explains a bit more about fanconi - hopefully simply. & also a few different ways that you can get involved in saving lives, like isaac's!

i'm also going to do a mini-series of posts for this, too. i started out with one long one, but it seemed a bit much. & i didn't really think people would end up reading it all. so mini's it is! & here is one way you can help save a baby isaac :)

the FA community is quite small & there isn't massive amounts of research going on - & a LOT of the money going towards research is coming from fundraisers done by FA families.
there is an annual bulletin that we get that has all of the new research & testing they are doing with FA patients. we just got ours in the mail a few days ago, & as we were reading thru it, we realised that a significant number of the advances towards curing fanconi have come from med school students!

which is why we are now shamelessly using this blog to solicit help.
& to pretty much beg you like crazy….

if you - or your friend is, or your brother, or your third cousin, or fiance, or grandson, or ANYONE you know is a med student in need of a research project/thesis/paper…we would be forever grateful if you would consider fanconi anemia as your subject!

there are a lot medical advancements that are starting to seem more in reach for this & not a lot of research being done, so you could seriously contribute to this & save the lives of these kids & adults!

& because fanconi is a blood disease & requires a bone marrow transplant, so much of the research done is also applicable to other blood cancers {including leukemia} & genetic disorders {spina bifeda, sickle cell, tay-saches etc…} which is pretty much amazing!

so if you're interested, here are a few things you can do:

1. go to where you can learn a bit more about FA
2. you can see recent research that has been done here.
3. if you are still interested you can contact the research fund here & they can hook you up with contacts & resources.

you should hear back pretty darn quick, but if for whatever reason you DON'T, please email me & i'll get you what you need or find someone that can.

for all of us non-med type folks you can totally spread the word! you have our permission to use isaac's picture & repost or tell friends or whatever else you want to do!

okay. i'm done for today. thanks for reading!


  1. Just shared with two of my med school friends and asked them to spread the word. :)

  2. I'm a nursing student here in Charlotte (We actually studied FA in our pediatric rotation), so if I stumble upon any medical students I would be more than happy to direct every single one of them to the topic of Fanconi Anemia.

    Praying for your family!

  3. I'm a med student and I'll be sure to pass this on to our class's facebook group page. That way you can know at least 76 med students heard about it!

  4. Just tweeted to my friend in med school! Asked him to spread the word!

  5. I posted it on my facebook and sent it to my three friends in med school! At least one of them has already written me back saying he and his fiance were actually talking about FA today while studying for their boards and they will be sure to pass it on to any classmates looking for research opportunities. I pray that God uses this blog post in a big way!

  6. Don't have many med student friends, but will definitely share this on my blog and facebook page in the coming week. Praying for your sweet little guy, Mindy <3.

  7. My husband is a 3rd year med student and is considering going into peds...I'll pass this along to him! :)