May 10, 2012

{help save a baby isaac: don't drink a latte!}

okay everyone. here is post number three, & my last one for FA day.

i've already talked about two different ways you can help. both by spreading the word & being a donor. both of which are amazing! this is just one other option if you feel led to donate.

FARF {the fanconi anemia research fund} is hoping to raise 2 million this month. the catch is - they need 1 million people to do it.

$2 per person. 

seriously…thats all.
that is a bag of chips. or a soda. 
or half of a chocolate mocha.

so if you can spare a soda this month - this is a pretty awesome alternative for your mr. washingtons.

there are lots of ways you can get involved & this is just one of them. but its 2 dollars! 
honestly, if it were me reading this, i think a lot of the reason i probably wouldn't do this is because my wallet was in the other room. i know i know…kind of lame.

if this is something you would like to do, just click  here to get to FARF's donation page.


  1. sent in honour of Isaac.

    {and just so you know, the link is broken on your "donate" button. no worries, just had to log into paypal on another tab, but thought you'd want to know.}

  2. Just donated! :) You're such a good momma!

  3. done in his honor. you're an amazing mom.

  4. I've been following your blog since you were first pregnant. i have to say I have fallen for little baby Isaac and his sweet family! I will gladly donate in his honor and am trying to get a few med students I know to tackle this research project!


  5. Done! :) And i'm from Autria.

  6. my sister and i just donated! :)