May 15, 2012

{may is no-sugar month}

okay. first of all you guys…
seriously THANK YOU for being so awesome & responding the way you all did to my several posts! at least 9 of you told me that you signed up to be marrow donors & that is super amazing! so thank you on behalf of the people you are going to help someday, too!

today we are moving on from FA {kind of} but onto something that is kind of sort of related.

i'm talking about foods.

but let me just say now: i'm not doing this to make anyone feel guilty about that big mac they just ate for lunch. well…not too much. & not because i have everything figured out. i'm not licensed in anything, but i do manage to research a lot & have learned a lot in the past few years, & thought that maybe it was about time i started sharing some of it for people that want to know.

& if you don't agree, or think that i'm crazy - please don't send me mean emails. you can just not read these posts.

SO…now that i've said all of that:

for the last several months - maybe since january, i've talked about doing a no refined sugar month.

i'm starting small. next month i'm hoping to do the same with refined flours.

what has been crazy is that i thought we really didn't eat a lot of sugary things - especially at home. i thought the bigger deal would be when we go out to eat with friends & family, but i've actually realised that i eat sugar a LOT more than i thought.

& that is half of the reason i wanted to do this in the first place - to be aware of how much sugar i am actually consuming. two - to build up a better recipe base for our family. both with meals & snacks. & three - because since isaac has been born i have had this ginormous sweet tooth. in the morning. & the evening. & sometimes in the middle of the night. we're not big candy & soda pop people, so i was getting my sugar fix thru cupcakes & pies & ice cream. especially cupcakes with all of the birthdays lately…

this has been SO good for me. i'm half way thru & so glad already that i have done it. the first few days weren't awesome - especially when you're the only one not eating sweet treats, but its worth it!

so here are my rules:
-no refined sugars {for me, cane & high fructose corn syrup} in anything. with the exception of breads. i figured a teaspoon per loaf wouldn't hurt too much :P
-no 'sugar free'. we avoid these anyways, but anything like diet sodas or sugar free syrups or whatever else. not allowed.

instead i'll be using things like stevia, raw honey, & maple syrup. to pair with my oatmeal & coffee & tea.

i will say, though... i cheated on mothers day. i had a cookie & a piece of pound cake. & they were yummy, but afterwards i felt kind of icky so it wasn't even really worth it.

so if anyone wants to jump on the bandwagon next month, i'll be sharing some recipes - snacks, drinks & dinners that have helped me thru this month {almost} sugar-free.

there is never ever an ideal time to do this, by the way - there will always be a family get together or birthday that offers you delicious, forbidden goodies, but like i said, i'm glad to be doing it.

but i am also looking forward to celebrating with a piece of pie come june 1st.

sound good?

let the craziness begin!


  1. I've been considering doing this for the past few months. maybe it's time. definitely count me in. I can't wait to see what you have to share!

  2. gosh, i should definitely join you. i've never been big on sweets, but since being pregnant, i CRAVE candy!!! sugary-tart candy. i have sweet tarts on my kitchen table! and i'm about to make cookies. i think i would be shocked at how much sugar i eat that i don't think about.

  3. Have you tried Agave nectar? It is similar to honey, and I personally think it tastes way better than stevia!

  4. I started doing a Paleo diet 2 months ago, so I don't eat refined sugars, any grains, dairy or soy & it has been way easier than I thought! I found it actually easier to cut out all the refined foods at once rather than in steps, but that may just be me. It does make you feel loads better :)

  5. mindy- you know i'm with you this month!!!!! i've been doing it since we talked and only messed up a few times.

  6. I've read a lot about how bad sugar really is for you so I love this idea. My problem is getting sticking with it! I always start off strong, then completely give up after a week or two and eat like a whole pie or something, lol. I hate artificial sweeteners so those I always stay clear of.

  7. I just started reading your blog, and i am truly inspired. Yall's life, while it offers challenges, is full of compassion, joy, and strength. Praise God for the attitudes He has given you! <3
    Also, this no-sugar month looks AWESOME. I can admit, i'm a horrible eater and i desire to do better.
    I'd love if you would post about a "dummies guide to no-sugar" ha. :)
    Thanks again, and i am going to follow your blog.

  8. you should check out

    She makes it SO practical.
    & She's got AWESOME delicious meal plans for free!

  9. this sounds really amazing for me, i don't eat a lot of sugar but in this country it's kinda hard to have any special diet, since it's very small and so is the market... but i guess i'd try. Anyhoo you've given me a good idea.... i'll try a refined flour-free month and document it on my own blog, because i guess quitting sugar have to be awesome and good but what my body really needs to quit is flur, i really feel bad when i have pasta and biscuits and cakes and all sorts of foury goods for two or three days in a row, so i'll be trying that :)

    Sweet hugs for your family from the southern autumn!

  10. Hi Mindy,

    There is also a sweetener that is derived from brown rice called brown rice syrup. It is about as half as sweet as sugar and can be used as a replacement for sugar when you're baking. If you check it out, let me know! I've only used it a few times now.