May 25, 2012

{peppermint soda with lemon & chia seeds + why stevia should be your friend}

okay, here is a drink recipe for all of you going soda-less for june!

this is actually really yummy & bubbly & energy-boosting {even though you can't tell from the picture. all of the good stuff always floats up to the top} all measurements are really 'to taste' but i'll give you numbers just so i can say i did.

you will need:
-6-8 mint leaves
-1 tsp of chia seeds {remember these awesome guys?}
-a glassful of seltzer water
-lemon slices or juice of half a lemon
-3 to 4 drops of stevia

mix together in a glass. you can either refrigerate for 10-15 minutes to let the mint seep & the chia seeds jelly or just drink it as it is!

especially nice with a straw, for whatever its worth. we're just out of them right now...


i also wanted to take just a few minutes to talk about stevia.

there are a few common misconceptions around it & i wanted to hopefully address them, because it will make your no sugar month a heck of a lot easier.

so if you're anything like me, when i say stevia you possibly thought:

but wait, guys! a lot of what i'm learning is that if you use stevia in the right place, it is really great & it lasts FOR-STINKING-EVER!!!

here are a few stevia myths:

-stevia is bitter
it doesn't have to be! & if yours is, then i understand why you don't like it. are you buying stevia powder? the powder is typically much more bitter. liquid stevia is the way to go from my limited experience. you can go with either glycerite or alcohol based. i have personally only tried alcohol based. i just heard thru hear-say that it is a bit less messy, but if you have a dropper, even that problem should be solved…

-stevia is expensive
okay, $18 bucks a bottle may seem a little crazy, but if i could only tell you guys how far this stuff goes. it will literally go farther than any other sweetener in your home. yes. if you broke it down, it would even be cheaper than table sugar. you literally only use 3 drops per glass. i'm projecting that ours will last at least thru the end of the year, & i've been using it since january. a lot.

-stevia tastes like an artificial sweetener
okay...yes. i thought this at first. stevia is an excellent alternative to sugar, but it is NOT sugar, so we shouldn't expect it to taste exactly the same. that being said, it did take me a few days to get used to the taste & even more than the taste, its really just a matter of learning what stevia tastes good in to you, & what you still want to use honey or another sweetener for.
i've found that it is the best to sweeten cold drinks, smoothies, homemade salad dressings, & to sweeten plain coconut or almond milk.

i don't prefer it in my coffee or tea or yogurt. i am still partial to honey in those, personally.

have i convinced you yet?

i personally think that this month would have been so much harder without it {& also more expensive using maple syrup & honey for everything…}

*just a heads up, too, if you all are looking for chia seeds, i have seen them in the bulk food sections at a lot of healthfood stores lately. you can also buy massive amounts of it on amazon. it goes a long long way...


  1. I LOOOOVE chia seeds! They're the best. I'm definitely going to be trying this soon. Thanks!

  2. this sounds amazing! and thanks for the tip on stevia--i've only seen it in the powder form so i just assumed that was the only option. i will definitely be checking it out.

    p.s. i might be commenting on everything you post right now. because this is super exciting to me. haha.

  3. do you just use liquid stevia or do you use baking stevia too? i've found alot of recipes for baking stevia and have seen in in trader joe's but it's not a lot for a whole lot of money and was wondering if you knew of a place to buy more of it for a little cheaper?

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