Jun 19, 2012

{big boy foods}

we're finally starting to feed isaac people foods. & contrary to the photos, he seems to like them very much. a lot of kids with FA have feeding tubes, so we're grateful so far that he doesn't seem to have any kind of aversions to solid foods. so far we've tried sweet potato & banana. carrots are up next today...

also, little man propped himself up onto his elbows for the first time yesterday. we majorly freaked out & clapped his hands & kissed his face a hundred times. we could have a little army crawler soon. i think i'm ready...


  1. He is beautiful! Praise God for all of theses amazing milestones. You have been in my prayers!
    P.S I'm going to email you later!

    1. Mindy, he is so precious! Once he starts crawling, you won't be able to keep up with him... LOL! So glad he likes people food. I never fed Cenci or Jakeb baby food... can't stand the look of it. Keep up the good work... God is blessing Isaac in so many wonderful ways... he is still at the top of our nightly prayers..

  2. This is so incredibly sweet. I'm so glad that your little guy is making his way around now!

  3. Just found your blog... what a PRECIOUS little blessing you have in your little man! I'm def. gonna be a new follower. :) I love the mix of family, and yummy recipes!

  4. I read that last little paragraph wrong and thought you said he pooped himself up to his elbows! I was wondering why you were cheering that on ;) He is such a sweetie! Can't wait to hear about how he liked his listening party!!