Jun 18, 2012

{raw caramel dip}

oh golly. i don't know where this stuff has been all of my life!!!
what am i talking about?

raw salted caramel dip.

i know, i know. you've been lied to before about these things.
a frozen banana and cocoa powder does not taste just like ice cream.

its good. don't get me wrong. but definitely not ice cream.

well thats what i thought when i read this recipe - lies. there is no way dates could possibly taste like caramel dip. and its not spot on, but it's not too far off, folks and it is delicious!

but you can use this for so so much more than dipping crispy apples. i've done toast topped with this dip & bananas, smeared on top of muffins or scones. its like the new nutella in my mind.

i know. thats a big thing to say. but it is that good. & guilt free.

maybe just the thing you need to get you thru your sugar free month, eh?

recipe here, via my new roots. one of my all time favourite blogs so you should maybe just check it out!

is anyone still seeing gibberish letters for all of my posts? thats been happening a lot lately and i don't know how to fix it. kind of a bummer! is that happening for anyone else?


  1. I see gibberish! I see &

  2. Your ands are coming out funky. I think it's best if you spelled out the word and as opposed to using the ampersand symbol. :)

  3. Why do you choose to spell "favorite" wrong in every post? You have not mentioned being from europe before...just wondering!!!

  4. I still see things coming out funky...but I love your blog so much I just skip over it :)

  5. That looks delicious I will absolutely have to try it soon. Yum-o

  6. @anonymous - i see that with the ampersand now. thats an easy fix at least.
    & 'favorite' …i actually dont even think about it! i read a lot of books with it spelled that way growing up. maybe thats why?

  7. No gibberish letters on this post for me...just a delicious sounding dip for me to try!