Jul 21, 2012

{our sick week at the lake + giveaway winner!}


sorry for the quietness around here. we've had quite an eventful week.
isaac & i have both been a little sick - him for the first time. i did the typical mommy thing & panicked. i didn't know how to take care of a sick baby, & with isaac, it seemed especially ambiguous. i didn't know if he had a simple cold or something more serious. it is seeming as though it was all just a cold & he is feeling a bit better today.
all week has been lots of movies & snuggling for us. we had made plans to be at the lake. a bit of a vacation not far from home, & the week obviously didn't go as planned. isaac cried for half of it & we both slept the other half, but even so, it was still a nice time away with family, even though it was different than we originally thought.

so all of that to say, we are back home today & it is very nice to be :)
some of this week was spent working on another blurb book & editing old photos. i found these from back in february. i had forgotten all about them. i love finding wonderful photos that i had completely forgotten about again.

ALSO we have a winner for the Tropical Traditions giveaway!
Jennifer A! please email me & i'll get you in touch with TT!


  1. hope you all feel better soon!
    love the photos, my little sisters used to do this soo often. my nose was soo often wet...

  2. Oh my, those photos are hilarious! I can't get over how beautiful Isaac's little eyelashes are too.

    I hope you're both back to feeling 100% soon!

  3. I really enjoy your pictures. Out of all the blogs I follow, yours are always the best. I like that they aren't staged like so many bloggers out there. I really respect it.

    1. awww thank you, erin. i like them being candid, too when i can catch them :)

  4. Beautiful photos! Love the emotions in them :) Glad you are feeling better!

  5. I love the pictures, so beautiful!!
    <3 reading about y'alls life!

  6. So much happiness in your photos and writings.

    This morning I made almond milk myself for the first time. Thank you for writing about the coconut oil, I will try that too soon.

    Warm summer greetings from far-away Finland.

  7. My husband loved the nose-sucking! Hah!
    My baby boy, Archer, had a cold today for the first time. I found out our thermometer batteries are dead, so I'm glad he seems to be improving! I just took the opportunity to cuddle him a little extra. :)