Aug 23, 2012

{camp sunshine}

camp sunshine.
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i have too many great things to say about our time in maine this past week. {once we finally got there. ptl!} just going through the photos today i am missing the people & am wanting to be back again. only 55 more weeks, right?

there were definitely mixed emotions being there. i had time to think more about isaac than i have in a long while. we met so many parents that had lost children. i didn't know what to say. i think we have grieved, in a way, & can relate more than some, but there is nothing to say that makes these things okay. they are all such strong, wonderful people, though. we felt at home with them right away.

even so, we talked & laughed & sang karaoke {daniel was king, by the way}, & ate LOBSTER! for the very very first time & i loved it. i was a pro by the second one guys, let me tell you...

we spent a lot of our days in 'lectures' i suppose you could say. isaac had plenty of ladies to coo over him in the 'tot lot' all during the day.

one talk in particular though, on gene therapy was amazing & encouraging - for a lot of the parents, i think. the hope, & a lot of the research being done right now with FA is essentially looking to isolate & fixing the broken DNA & putting it into the body via a carrier, or virus. if its successful in a patient, it would eliminate the need for a bone marrow transplant & would be an outpatient procedure - both of those things are crazy mind-blowing & almost too good to be true sounding!!! its okay if none of that makes sense, but just know that it is really hopeful & exciting news to us.

there is so so much i could say, but i'll let some of the pictures speak for themselves, & i also don't want to give too much away - i'll be posting some more thoughts on camp in a few months via the FA Newsletter, so we'll save some of the details for then ;)

i am also going to take just a minute to gush over photos of my little son & say that the one of him holding the balloon & the 'isaac' wish boat tie for the most heart melting photos EVER. i can't stop looking at them. at least they are in my book...


  1. i've been waiting for this post :) Wonderful :)

  2. Mindy and Daniel,

    Thank you for attending camp after the wonderful layover! ;) The photos are wonderful but seeing him(and you all of course!) was pure heaven for me! Precious beyond measure! In tears...just thinking about it! I didn't get to hold him..didn't want to take the chance of getting him sick, in case I was contagious...but he sure was though! I ache inside with longing to hold him but I know there will be other chances! I will be the Issac hog then!! LOL! Keep us posted on how the little chic magnet is doing!

    Blessings and Bear Hugs!

  3. Great post and pictures Mindy, I so wish we could have been there. Can't wait till next year so we can experience this amazing opportunity too!

  4. I loved this. <3
    And yes, those two you mentioned, and all of the other photos warmed my heart!
    It sounds like y'all had an incredible time despite some of the hiccups!
    I can't wait to hear more about it.