Aug 29, 2012

{homemade pop tarts}

pop tarts
these pop tarts are far superior to the boxed ones {you will never ever no back! & while i still can't say they are the ideal healthy treat, they are much much better for you, still} & require next to no effort to make. they are our new favorite saturday morning treat :)

all you need is:
pie crust, rolled out flat. store bought, or homemade. {we have an excellent crust recipe that we use here. i make several at a time & freeze them. & use all spelt flour instead of white & it is delicious & slightly nutty tasting}
jam of your choice

frosting is made with powdered sugar {start with a cup or so} & a dash of milk & vanilla extract to desired thickness. or you could do an egg wash using one egg, beat & brushed on the top.
we've actually come to like them plain. just a preference with us, though.

no.1 roll out your pie crust to a thin, but workable amount. cut into long rectangles with a pizza cutter until you have used all the dough {you will be folding these in half, so think very long rectangles} 
no. 2 scoop about 2 tsp of jam onto one side of your crust & spread - leaving a bit of room around the edges.
no. 3 fold crust in half & crimp the edges with a fork.
no. 4 bake at 350 degrees until slightly browned on top, or 7-ish minutes

bon appetite!


  1. Being home-made completely justifies this tasty treat!

  2. Wow, these sound so good and easy!!!

  3. YUM! I can't wait to make these!

  4. Those look really yummy! Might just have to try them out.

  5. This looks so great! I can't wait to try. Do you have to have the paper underneath when you cook in the oven or do you think cooking spray would be ok??