Aug 9, 2012

{packed & ready}

thanks everyone, for the travel tips! i am feeling SO much more prepared & mostly at ease about our journey now.

we are packed {a bit early} & ready. one carry on. two backpacks. stroller. carseat & a baby.
i seriously don't know how that happened. seriously.

isaac was an awesome little packing buddy. he has figured out how to shake his head, so he jammed out to musics the whole time & watched me.

it is feeling really real now. can't wait!



  1. So excited about this trip for you guys! Please post when you get back and let us know how the Lord uses it to encourage your hearts! I know He will use you while you're there! Will pray! Much love from the Morrisons!

  2. How exciting! This trip is going to be such a great experience :) Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Exciting times! Hope everything goes smoothly!

  4. that pillow looks super soft and isaac is adorable! Happy and safe (and relaxing) traveling! :)

  5. Praying for safe and easy travels! :)