Sep 5, 2012

{happy 11 months, isaac}




you guys, isaac is almost a YEAR OLD!!!
i am so not ready for this, yet...

i was just thinking through how far he's come in the past year, & i don't talk about all of the little things he's doing, a lot.

we  have had all kinds of obstacles getting him moving & developing appropriately for his age: extended time in the hospital, his hydrocephalous, surgeries, not hearing for the first 9 months of his life - we've even found that his arms being shorter than typical have made it harder for him to sit up {he can't prop himself up with his hands at all. its pretty much a torso balancing act} & crawl.

so, all of those things considered, i could not be more thrilled with how he is doing.
with the hydrocephalous alone, we really didn't know what kind of brain function he would have, & we really are just having to wait & see with that, still, but he is already doing better than we could have hoped for.

the first time he rolled onto his side on his own was a HUGE deal for us - i was just watching a video of it a few days back. we were freaking out excited & screaming. it was probably a good thing he couldn't really hear us :)

now he reaches for his toys & can manipulate things with his hands really well. he rolls from side to side & will scoot himself around on the floor with his feet to get to his toys. he bounces in his jumper like mad & laughs & has recently started to talk to us more. he can sit up when we're spotting him - & mommies don't freak out, but this boy just may never crawl. thats all there is to it. we are still going to try, but we've heard that with his arms the way they are, a lot of kids don't crawl. & if thats what happens, then its okay.

we are still working on sleeping through the night - with his small size, though {10 1/2 pounds. normal for FA, i promise i'm feeding him}  i'm wondering if it will be quite awhile before we make it through the night. but gracious, i'm hoping not. that is probably the hardest part.

& still no teeth! i have been saying that he is teething for the last 6 months & haven't seen a thing. those little guys are slow movers. i think they'll probably just all decide to show up at the same time.

i am so proud of my little buddy. i stopped keeping track of where he should be & am just glad for what he is able to do & when. i think he's just fabulous :)

happy 11 months little raptor baby!


  1. he is so sweet! happy 11 months little lamb :)

  2. Happy 11 months!! Every step forward is incredible! <3

  3. so happy to have followed your story for the past eleven months, and i'm so grateful to God for his hand in your lives! Isaac is beyond precious and it makes me smile to know he's doing well. keeping you in my prayers <3

  4. so sweet! happy eleven months isaac!! i love reading your updates and following along on your journey!

  5. I hope to meet you guys in November. I come to Charlotte November tenth and go back November 19. I am staying with the Gillettes again this time, and visiting Crossway. I love to follow your blog, and some day I will even make those poptarts. Imported American stuff is really expensive here, so I don´t buy them here.

    Of course it´s okay that Isaac probably won´t be able to crawl, but it just made me realize what´s truley going on with him even more. I always thought EVERYONE crawled, like how everyone breaths. My boss´s son didn´t sleep a whole night until he was almost three, and I myself can eat for five, but will always be skinny. Everyone is different, and there is a purpose for it all. Sometimes it sucks for me to be bipolar, other times it´s an advantage. The same thing is probably true with Isaac and his FA. If I were in your shoes, I would make most of the same choices regarding Isaac as you do. God intended for you to have Isaac, God will get you through, and then there are days when everything is totally fine. My mom wrote down some things that happend to me that were firsts in my two first photo albums that she made for me. When I read it as a teenager I thought why in the world would she write that down, why would I want to remember that. They are the type of things you talk about regarding your son. I´m 27 now, and even though I am not a mother, I encourage you to write those things down to have a backup for what you write on the blog. I realize the purpose for it now. You and Daniel are way stronger than I was at your age, or maybe if I was put in a tough situation I would make it because of God (I was, but nothing compared to you). You seem to do just fine, even on the harder days, which seem to be much less now. This isn´t one of those shit happens things. This is one of those it may seem aweful to the world, but thank you Lord for Isaac. I´m sure he is teaching you a lot of good leasons in life, and making you stronger. Parents normaly enjoy their kids as well. I understand you guys enjoy Isaac. If I ever become a mother I will think of you guys, and know that anything is possible as a parent as long as you love your child and realy on God. Thank you for teaching me true love in a way I never understood it before, and thank you for relying on God. God bless you, and I am still praying for your family.

  6. Happy 11 months, Baby Issac! I may never have met you, but I've been reading this blog since your parents announced they were expecting and I really do feel like I love you. Issac is so sweet and full of joy. I can see it in his face that's he's so happy that he picked the both of you to be his parents, and that he adores you and knows how much you love him in return. In fact, I'm willing to bet that Baby Issac get's more love than 99.9% of children in this country. <3 <3

  7. He is so sweet! I can't believe it's almost been a year already either! I feel like you just had him a few months ago!!

  8. my goodness - beautiful photos. this whole post made me so happy. isaac is amazing and so are his parents. you guys are doing a great job. continued prayers, always.

  9. Hi Coleman Clan!

    I have just loved catching up with little Isaacs adventures, your yummy recipes & life in general! Happy 11 months little man! What a handsome fella this kid of yours is! Too cute for words :)

    Isaac has done so incredibly well - everyday Lola & I sing - "This is the day that the Lord has given us, let us rejoice & give thanks to it!" - I think of your Isaac & pray for our children constantly.

    Lola never crawled either, the little stinker! We would tempt her in all sorts of ways, but it just never happened! But the great thing was that while all my friends were tripping over from chasing their crawling babies around everywhere, I was the one sitting nicely on the picnic rug, with Lola in my arms, enjoying the peace & extra cuddles!

    Keep living in the moment & enjoying your beautiful family.

    Love, love, ash, marty & lola xx

  10. I stumbled across your blog quite a while ago. I just love it and want to say you are amazing. I just wanted to comment and let you know my brother never crawled. He just scooted around on his back (lost some hair--ha!). He still starting walking just fine. Maybe he knew something we didn't? haha. Isaac will do great!

  11. He truly is a precious gift from God, and God has had His hand on Isaac all along. He will be walking before you know it... don't worry about him not crawling.. a lot of children never crawl, they just get on with the walking thing. I love reading about Isaac and always send photos and notes to Cenci. She and Elias have been praying for Isaac along with us.
    Jayne Gladden

  12. I love his chubby cheeks. He is super adorable and happy 11 months to him! :)

  13. Happy 11 months! He's so adorable :)

  14. Happy 11 months to your little man!
    I've been reading your blog for awhile now and always love how honest and true you are to yourself and your sweet baby.
    Isaac is blessed to have chosen you as his mumma, no doubt about it.

  15. my first born never crawled, just scooted around on her bum. And my 2nd born didn't get his first tooth till 10 months and yes it was nonstop teething for the 6 months after that. Praying for your little family. What i gift.