Sep 28, 2012

{home again}

we're back! a little bit later than expected, but home, none the less. we were all itching the last few hours to get out of doors again. & to see our old home again. isaac, as you can see, is wiggling all around again & feeling nearly 100%. you would never guess his little bum was all in stitches...he makes me a bit nervous with all of the kicking.

this was by far our smoothest hospital visit yet! surgery was only an hour {compared to six last time around} we had great nurses, & even though it was a longer stay that we had hoped for, it was still just a little over 24 hours. horray! we are done now for about another 8 weeks :)

the 'unfortunately' of our trip was that we had our second vehicle mishap {why always in the parking deck?!} daniel went out to grab our luggage thursday evening & our car wouldn't start. the 'fortunately' though, was that he even tried to move our car that evening & we found out before we tried to leave with isaac & that we had two separate friends who both helped us check my car & tow it away. SUCH a lifesaver! it could have actually been about 1000x worse & i feel like they {& daniel, too, for taking care of it all} blessed us so much. i wasn't worried about it at all & was able to focus on isaac. needless to say, we are ending today feeling really grateful all over again for all of the wonderful, caring friends we have here.

crisis = avoided

tomorrow we are already taking isaac out {& i'll say it again - he is doing AWESOME} to a 'Be the One Run' -, the bone marrow registry i've mentioned before is sponsoring it & we are really excited to be there & share just a tiny bit of our story with people. we're going to try to run to. {ha}


  1. He is such a sweetie and clearly a very good sport! So glad to hear that everything went smoothly. What a darling little guy.

    Take care,


  2. I am so glad things went well, the surgery was shorter, and that he seems to be doing well. The pictures are aroable. He sure is handsome.

  3. So glad everything went well! Love seeing these updates:)