Sep 25, 2012

{surprise! surgery this thursday}

so we thought we had this year planned - surgery wise. we had two more to go. a connection for isaac's colostomy & a left hand straightening, but yesterday i went in to see his surgeon - hoping we would be able to schedule a surgery date...& we did. it just wasn't the surgery i had expected.

thursday afternoon we have a bonus surgery that is also colostomy related. there was some scar tissue that we were hoping would soften up & just isn't improving at all {i won't get too graphic because isaac will see this one day & be embarrassed} so thursday it is.

the good news, is that it should be on the less invasive side - for an operation. & could possibly even be an outpatient procedure if he is doing well, which means we could possibly take him home thursday evening!

so kind of a bummer thrown into the middle of our week, but we'll make it through just fine, i think. isaac is fearless & strong. i can't wait for this set of surgeries to be OVER! it will be a wonderful wonderful day :)

prayers never get old, by the way. we need bunches of them!

i'll post an update later thursday. hope you all are having a nice week, in the meantime!


  1. wow! are you guys happy that it's this soon, or overwhelmed? praying for you... I think getting them over with can only be a good thing, right? he is just lovely.

    1. thanks emily! its a little bit of both. glad its not being dragged out, but feeling a bit unprepared...

  2. Oh my goodness! He looks so much older in that picture! I love all his hair... such a handsome man.

    Always keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, girl!

  3. So handsome! I will be praying!

  4. Awww so cute! What a smiley little guy. Sorry about the surprise surgery-will be praying!! :)

  5. Praying for y'all! And oh my, what a sweet face!! :)

  6. he is so darn cute!! looking so old :) will definately be praying tomorrow <3