Oct 28, 2012

{cures to your flu blues}

the flu bug hit our home this week, at some point.
i am the only victim, so far. & goodness is it hanging on. i can't seem to shake it at all.
daniel has also been out of town, so its just been me & the little man & the flu bug & netflix.
i am seriously missing me some snuggles between one of them being gone & being afraid to make the other sick.

& today, since i have been thinking so much about the little sickhead i am, & also having been staring at a dwindling supply of teas & medicines,  i am taking more preventative measures for the other 2/3 of our home & stocking up. especially since winter hasn't even yet begun.

can i just get on my little soapbox for just a minute & say that vitacost, you guys, is my new best friend. i wish i had known about it sooner. it has a lot more natural options for our sickie bugs than the drugstore {plus multivitamins, oils, teas etc...} & is a lot cheaper, too.
& remember when i posted about coconut oil awhile back?

they have a half gallon for 20 bucks!!! the only downside {for some} is that it is more coconutty tasting, but you can still use it for lots of things. just maybe not in your stir fry...

i signed up through a friend. when you do that, you get $10 to spend & your buddy gets $10, too. so just sayin - $10 for a half gallon of coconut oil is pretty unbeatable. you should do this with your buddies, ladies & gents! you have to be signed up already to access the $10 code, so ask a buddy to send it over to you, or you can click here to sign up, too. {i promise it is 100% legit & not sketchy, even  though the page looks cheesy}

also, some links for natural cold & flu remedies. i love this website. super helpful...
stocking up your natural medicine cabinet
elderberry cough syrup

my current way of dealing with the flu this past week has been:
-lots of epsom salt baths
-oregano oil {plug your nose & just DO it. first thing in the am. it helps keep me going the rest of the day}
-hot emergen-c & honey {plus extra powdered vitamin-c}
-garlic on toast for breakfasts {i'm kind of crazy about garlic anyways, so this isn't gross to me, strangely...}
-chicken broth {straight up, or in a yummy soup}
-salt water for stuffy noses {another gross but mega effective treatment. fill a bowl or sink with enough warm water to cover nose & suck in - just not TOO much & blow out. clears you right up. probably a lot like a neti-pot. without the neti-pot part...}
-acv tea {organic apple cider vinegar, honey, cayenne, lemon & water}

hope you all are having a wonderful FALL weekend! isn't this weather incredible?!

Oct 19, 2012

{i will not cry all through isaac's birthday video. again.}

we are, by no stretch of the imagination, videographers.
i know beautiful videos when i see them, but don't have the eye for making them myself at all.
so our little video of isaacs first year may not be expertly made, but it is made with love.
& i boohoo all over the place every time i watch it. i forget how tiny & fragile isaac was...

we have SO many little video clips from this past year, i am actually really happy with how we condensed a few of them down to a watchable size.

we played this at isaac's birthday, just before we played 'fantastic mr. fox'.

Oct 16, 2012

{happy one year, not so little baby isaac}

so guys...
i have a ONE year old!!!
{two weeks ago. shhhh. don't tell him i'm so hugely behind announcing it}

i absolutely can't believe it.
we celebrated coleman style. we like to do things big. the big things. not everything.
like, we are going to invite everyone we know over for dinner & pie & an outdoor movie big.
have i said big enough times yet?
i think he had a pretty nice time :)

all of a sudden, too, isaac is acting older. he is two feet long & i don't know when he decided to stretch out that much. he is babbling ALL the time - most loudly when we are shopping. he likes to scare fellow shoppers with a loud, short BLAAA. 

he is starting to sit up on his own {when he wants to. he is also proving to be quite stubborn. i think he will need that fighting spirit, though, in years to come...} & he has this little drum toy my friend crystal bought him with hammers & balls. he absolutely shocked me yesterday when he picked up the hammer & started hitting the balls with it. it is the first toy he hasn't chewed on. although he does that some still, too.

we also celebrated his birthday week with his first tooth number one & two. when the little dude decides to grow up, he sure does it quick!

okay, enough talking & on to pictures.

by the way, totally unrelated, but isaac is still doing fabulous after his last surgery! he is 100%. thanks everyone for asking about him :)