Oct 16, 2012

{happy one year, not so little baby isaac}

so guys...
i have a ONE year old!!!
{two weeks ago. shhhh. don't tell him i'm so hugely behind announcing it}

i absolutely can't believe it.
we celebrated coleman style. we like to do things big. the big things. not everything.
like, we are going to invite everyone we know over for dinner & pie & an outdoor movie big.
have i said big enough times yet?
i think he had a pretty nice time :)

all of a sudden, too, isaac is acting older. he is two feet long & i don't know when he decided to stretch out that much. he is babbling ALL the time - most loudly when we are shopping. he likes to scare fellow shoppers with a loud, short BLAAA. 

he is starting to sit up on his own {when he wants to. he is also proving to be quite stubborn. i think he will need that fighting spirit, though, in years to come...} & he has this little drum toy my friend crystal bought him with hammers & balls. he absolutely shocked me yesterday when he picked up the hammer & started hitting the balls with it. it is the first toy he hasn't chewed on. although he does that some still, too.

we also celebrated his birthday week with his first tooth number one & two. when the little dude decides to grow up, he sure does it quick!

okay, enough talking & on to pictures.

by the way, totally unrelated, but isaac is still doing fabulous after his last surgery! he is 100%. thanks everyone for asking about him :)


  1. Happy birthday Isaac! Your little family is adorable. Sh happy to hear he is doing well. I've been following along on Instagram and he is soooo cute.

  2. Hey Mindy, Are you gonna post the 8 minute movie you made????

  3. So cuuuuuute! :) happy first to the little man! Where do you guys live? Your house is drool worthy!

  4. happy birthday baby boy! :)

  5. Happy birthday BIG boy. May our heavenly father continue to bless your life and may you grow from strength to strength. You are a very special guy blessed with a special mom and day. God bless baby boy!!!

  6. Happy birthday Isaac! You are looking so tall :-)

    Your photos are so beautiful, I especially love the kiss. Your blog really radiates love.

    1. Thank you! Thats so kind of you to say :)

  7. Happy happy birthday sweet Isaac! What a year it has been for you - a true miracle and sweet blessing to everyone x

  8. happy bday little isaac! may all the wonderful things in the world will happen to you little boy!

  9. I can't believe its been a whole year already!! wow.. Happy birthday lil isaac!! May you always be blessed!!

  10. So absolutely sweet. I can't believe it's been a year. I started following your journey while you were pregnant. Happy Birthday, little guy!

  11. love the picture of you and daniel :) the party looks lovely. so happy for you all and for not-so-baby isaac. you seem like the sweetest people.

  12. 100% adorable! All 3 of you!! Sweet family! Happy one year Isaac:)