Nov 16, 2012

{being thankful}

its been awhile since i've posted anything. 
our colds are all gone. my birthday has passed. i spent my first days away from both boys, back in my growing up town for my friends wedding & have come back home. its been a wonderfully busy month so far.

tomorrow marks our one year date with isaac being with us at home. i take it for granted a lot of the time now. that he is healthy for now, & with us. & i just wonder, when i let that happen? when i got so  wrapped up in day to day & have not consciously been thankful for a lot of things.

there are a lot of ways i want to grow. but one, for now, is thankfulness. a lot of times, it seems like i have to choose to be thankful. for the way things are, & for how much goodness we have experienced.

there really is so much to be thankful for.

so today i am thankful for the chilly winter air, & a cup of coffee in the morning. for time to do yoga. for isaac & how he will 'turn the page' when we read books now. for daniel working so hard so i can stay at home & do the job i love most. & for the sweet potato fries in the oven right now. especially those, at this moment :)

what are you thankful for today? its the perfect time to start thinking!


  1. This is a sweet post. Isn't it funny how life just goes by and some days we don't realize what we have and thank God for it. I am so guilty of this. I can get so caught up in it all and not realize how LUCKY I am. I am thankful for: A Loving husband (even though adjusting to marriage has had it's challenges, I am one Lucky girl to have found a Man who Loves the Lord and Me with all his heart), A Loving and Supportive family, Friends who Love me, A roof over my head, A job, and food. Oh and thankful for a GOD who loves me and forgives me for all my sins.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. It is just human nature and we live in a society where, for the most part, we don't have to worry about survival. We are so blessed. I look up to you and Daniel. I just saw him yesterday and he is just so happy and genuine!

    I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. you're so sweet, mindy.

    we are all guilty of letting things become too normal and accidentally taking them a little bit for granted. i'm thankful to have such a good relationship with my brother. for a home in a safe town (even if i complain that it's TOO boring and guarded sometimes). for loving parents and a boyfriend who supports me at anything i try to do. and for the job i have, new job opportunities, and how privileged i am to have employment at all.

    enjoy those sweet potato fries! :)

  3. issac is SO cute. Love him. I've been following your blog for about a year now and really enjoy checking in once in a while for all the updates. you have an amazing family and are an inspiration!

    now i'm off to find your recipe for caramel apple cider so I can make it this weekend. LOVE. :) Thanks, Brooke

  4. You are so lovely, and Isaac is the cutest. Love your little family. :)