Dec 20, 2012

{isaac's really big christmas gift}

we have a date {finally finally. thank you lord!} for isaac's sixth surgery.
january 8th. with a super small chance of it happening before the end of the year if there is any kind of cancellation. we're on that list {before our deductible starts all over again. see the kinds of things i think about now?}

if 'everything' looks okay - they will have to take isaac to the OR {operating room. everyone probably knows that. i didn't before because i never watched grays anatomy...} & he will have a functioning little bum by the end of that day.
i couldn't quite tell you what 'everything' looking okay means. more than likely, the procedure will be done, but there is definitely a chance that it won't. & if it's not, i really don't know what will happen. we'll have to have a nice long sit down with the surgeon & reevaluate everything.

but we are going to pray & hope that this gets done. i am so so excited & as always, a bit nervous.

so all of that said, after 11 months of waiting, we are really excited to have a date on the calendar for this.


i feel like i should be posting something christmassy instead, but we haven't really done an isaac update in awhile, so here it is :)

Dec 5, 2012

{family photos 2012}









michael took our family photos again this year.
he is a dear friend & amazing photographer. we are always glad for an excuse to see him.
& winter to me is one of the best times to take photos. i just love all of the branchy trees & gray skies. its lovely.

isaac was a little mad at being taken outside in the cold. he's the only one of us that could manage to still look cute like that ;)

see last years before & after baby photos here & here.