Dec 20, 2012

{isaac's really big christmas gift}

we have a date {finally finally. thank you lord!} for isaac's sixth surgery.
january 8th. with a super small chance of it happening before the end of the year if there is any kind of cancellation. we're on that list {before our deductible starts all over again. see the kinds of things i think about now?}

if 'everything' looks okay - they will have to take isaac to the OR {operating room. everyone probably knows that. i didn't before because i never watched grays anatomy...} & he will have a functioning little bum by the end of that day.
i couldn't quite tell you what 'everything' looking okay means. more than likely, the procedure will be done, but there is definitely a chance that it won't. & if it's not, i really don't know what will happen. we'll have to have a nice long sit down with the surgeon & reevaluate everything.

but we are going to pray & hope that this gets done. i am so so excited & as always, a bit nervous.

so all of that said, after 11 months of waiting, we are really excited to have a date on the calendar for this.


i feel like i should be posting something christmassy instead, but we haven't really done an isaac update in awhile, so here it is :)


  1. Praying Isaac gets a working pooper for Christmas. Take him to Santa and ask! I don't know...I just felt like that would be an amazing conversation

  2. praise jesus.....little isaac you are a fighter!

  3. What state are you guys in? Have you looked into medicaid waivers (if you make to much money for SSI for children). Medicaid waivers are not income based and they vary from state to state but here in Virginia it gives us the medicaid as secondary due to Peyton's medical issues and it is a godsend. Especially because our old insurance used to not want to cover her MRI's and without it we would of had to make the choice of either not doing it or dropping 7 grand.

    I hope the surgery goes perfectly!

    1. @Just the Tip - I don't know if we have those here, but I'll look into them! Thanks for the tip :)

  4. @mindy i'm going to email you via the contact email so I can try and help you look into a few other programs. Always happy to help.

  5. Praying for sweet baby Isaac!! I hope all works out according to plan, and surgery goes smoothly. He's always on my heart!

  6. Good luck.your family and Isaac is always in my prayers.

    Katerina FF

  7. Praying!! So happy you finally have a date :) <3