Jan 25, 2013

{back to normal feeling}

this year one of my goals is to get back in the swing of keeping this updated. there are just so many things going on all the time. its been a fun outlet for me, i just run out of time. so here is to hoping i can start making a bit of time again for things like this...

anyways, we came home from the hospital sunday the 13th late in the afternoon & it has been so so good to be back. i was beginning to forget what it felt like already, to be holed away in our own little place.

friday up until that sunday afternoon we were all set to go home - we were just waiting for a dirty diaper to say that the surgery had been successful. & so when the time finally came we left the hospital within the hour.

i think we really learned a lot that week from having to interact with so many doctors & staff as we walked thru a few more minor issues. we learn things every time. it makes me grow up bit by bit. makes me a little bolder. more like a dragon momma. isaac, you are so good for me. i can't be a passive person with a little man like you :)

isaac has been recovering wonderfully & so much more quickly than we had expected. we just had his first post-op checkup yesterday & everything was great. the only thing we are trying to get under control is little buddies diaper rashes. they aren't spreading, which is good, but his little bum is raw.
he also lost a bit of weight at the hospital from being on an iv for a week. always such a bummer. every ounce he gains is such a victory & he looks so small & delicate again.

BUT, we are holding our breath on this one - isaac has always been a horrible eater - a lot of that is just what comes with his disease, but since we've been home he has been doing a little better eating. not excellent, but i am ecstatic. we are nearly hitting some of his calorie goals we had worked out with his nutritionist months ago & i pretty much thought wouldn't be attainable. holding my breath & praying he keeps it up. he's also doing a little better with solid foods & in the past he has had aversions to those as well.

some of his sensory issues - his distrust & fear of being touched seems to be back in full force. i can't really expect any different. we've worked through a lot of those in the past with really gentle massages & warm baths & things. we will just work through them the way we have been & i think it will all work out. a mommys work is never done :)

we are so grateful to be home & for all of the prayers & kind words. i read & reread each of your comments & they were so encouraging after a long week. thank you!!!

Jan 9, 2013

{we are bagless!!!}

{isaac & dad - the night before surgery}

you guys!!! thank you for the sweet comments!
i am thrilled to announce that isaac has a sleek little tummy today! it is actually really strange looking to me. he has had his colostomy since he was two days old - it is going to take some getting used to, seeing him like this. ahhh. it is seriously more than i can even think about right now - being able to give him baths & not having little puffs under his shirts anymore...crazy.

so far, everything has gone just about as smoothly as could be - contrary to previous hospital stays. we are so grateful. our {& doctors} main concern right now is just keeping infections at bay since there are so many stitches both inside & outside of his tummy. because of this, he will probably be on an iv drip for another day or two before they put him on clears. we will just take it a day at a time.

its actually harder being in the hospital again. each time seems a bit more that way. isaac doesn't quite feel like ours here - having other people coming thru the night to change his diapers & check his vitals & doing blood work all the time. its a frustrating, but necessary part of the stay here. but everyone has been kind, & we were able to see an old nurse friend last night, too :)

i probably wont be posting again until we are home. thank you all again! looking forward to a {somewhat} quiet afternoon of reading & kissing on little man between naps.

Jan 7, 2013

{surgery tomorrow for baby pup}

tomorrow is the day!  we are waking up at 4 tomorrow morning.
drinking lots of sweet caffeinated nectar & taking isaac to the hospital for his colostomy reversal.

we are all packed in two bags. isaacs is every bit as large as ours. full of favorite stuffed animals, books,  disney movies, snuggley blankets - anything to make hospital time feel a little bit more like home.

i also have lots of books packed for me. along with my electric kettle, chai masala mix, warm socks & my own snuggly blanket  - & every version of le miserables {after seeing the movie last weekend i just want to go back & watch them all again!} i'd like to think we are getting pretty good at making these times as cozy & nice as they can be. each time we think of new things to add to our list.

i will be so glad to be on the other side of this one, guys! isaac has always been so brave & strong in the past - much more than i would be. i just love that little man :)

surgery starts at 7:15 tomorrow morning. i will keep you all posted!