Jan 7, 2013

{surgery tomorrow for baby pup}

tomorrow is the day!  we are waking up at 4 tomorrow morning.
drinking lots of sweet caffeinated nectar & taking isaac to the hospital for his colostomy reversal.

we are all packed in two bags. isaacs is every bit as large as ours. full of favorite stuffed animals, books,  disney movies, snuggley blankets - anything to make hospital time feel a little bit more like home.

i also have lots of books packed for me. along with my electric kettle, chai masala mix, warm socks & my own snuggly blanket  - & every version of le miserables {after seeing the movie last weekend i just want to go back & watch them all again!} i'd like to think we are getting pretty good at making these times as cozy & nice as they can be. each time we think of new things to add to our list.

i will be so glad to be on the other side of this one, guys! isaac has always been so brave & strong in the past - much more than i would be. i just love that little man :)

surgery starts at 7:15 tomorrow morning. i will keep you all posted!


  1. Praying for you, beautiful family!

  2. yay! good luck, little raptor baby! :) so many prayers for you and your sweet boy, mindy.

  3. Praying for the babe! miss you colemans!

  4. I absolutely Adore your child’s face on this picture.
    You must be such a good mother.

  5. The Gillette's are praying for a successful surgery and good health for Isaac!

  6. so so excited for you guys and praying and believing everything is going well! can't wait to read all about how great he is doing. (:

  7. Praying for Isaac. When I see him, his sweet little face brings such joy to me. I think about how far he's come and this very different journey that your young family has had to take. So proud of him and his parents. All three of you inspire me so much. Thank you for sharing your lives with me through your blog. What is sweet caffeinated nectar????