Mar 26, 2013

{surgeries 7 & 8}

well, the end of some of these surgeries is finally in sight, now.
isaac was a champ, as always. he was obviously really achy & sleepy friday thru sunday, but then something happened yesterday - i think he decided he needed to make up for all of the missed play time. i couldn't get the boy to sleep almost all day. i was exhausted by the end of it, & he was still going strong, somehow...

the cast actually doesn't seem to bother him like i thought, so far, & actually, it helps prop him up quite a bit better when he's sitting, so theres a plus. its also making him use his right arm more in the next few weeks, which he's never really done unless his left needed a little extra grabbing support, so both of those things are actually really good. the cast will be on for 3 or so weeks. im excited to see what that little arm is actually going to look like. AND to be able to change his shirts again. i think i'm going to have to take scissors to a few of them. this one is really the only one he has that i can weasel his cast through.

we were only at the hospital for 36 hours this time around. our shortest visit yet.

both surgeries went REALLY well. without a hitch. something we don't take for granted.
he was in the operating room for just over 5 hours & had three surgeons working on him. one for urology things & two working together on his hand. we loved these surgeons before, but after having encountered them outside of their offices & at the hospital we like them so much more, even. they were all very thorough & kind. we felt like isaac was in the best of hands.

the rest of this week for us will just be laying low at home. a few therapies are already starting back up today & tomorrow for isaac {speech. nothing crazy}. & we will try to stay well for the rest of flu season & keep the little man happy & comfy before we venture out to too far :)

i will most definitely be ready for spring after this.

Mar 21, 2013

{isaac gets a 'new' hand}

today we are packing overnite bags, stuffed babies & our real baby & waking up terribly early tomorrow morning for another surgery for isaac. this one is with a new surgeon - new as in he hasn't operated on him before, although we have seen him quite a bit, still. as much as i love this doctor, i am nervous to have a new little part on isaac worked on. it becomes harder every time. he is so much more responsive than he even was in january - i hate seeing him scared, or thinking of all of the little tiny parts they are carefully moving around.

tomorrow 'we' are straightening his left hand & i am going to miss it. i'm glad we have photos to remember how sweet it was. but it is going to be so good for him. it will give him a bit more length with that arm & more function, so i am glad it is happening, but we will all rest a bit easier, i think when it is over.

if you think of us tomorrow, please say a prayer for our little pup. if all goes well we should be home saturday sometime, which will be much more restful & snuggly for all of us, i think :)

heres to your new little hand, isaac. you are going to love it!

Mar 6, 2013

{prince isaac & his chair}

we picked up this little chair at an antique mart on a date day last month. i have been dying to post pictures of it ever since! it obviously wasn't made for babies. probably more like dolls or kittens, but isaac is a big fan & it fits him perfectly. he watches yo gabba gabba in in every morning while i eat my breakfast in my big chair.he was actually incredibly grumpy & cried most of the time i was taking these, but i still managed to get a few smiles out of him by hiding behind a planter in our kitchen & popping over the side to take a picture. he thought that was a little funny :)