Mar 21, 2013

{isaac gets a 'new' hand}

today we are packing overnite bags, stuffed babies & our real baby & waking up terribly early tomorrow morning for another surgery for isaac. this one is with a new surgeon - new as in he hasn't operated on him before, although we have seen him quite a bit, still. as much as i love this doctor, i am nervous to have a new little part on isaac worked on. it becomes harder every time. he is so much more responsive than he even was in january - i hate seeing him scared, or thinking of all of the little tiny parts they are carefully moving around.

tomorrow 'we' are straightening his left hand & i am going to miss it. i'm glad we have photos to remember how sweet it was. but it is going to be so good for him. it will give him a bit more length with that arm & more function, so i am glad it is happening, but we will all rest a bit easier, i think when it is over.

if you think of us tomorrow, please say a prayer for our little pup. if all goes well we should be home saturday sometime, which will be much more restful & snuggly for all of us, i think :)

heres to your new little hand, isaac. you are going to love it!


  1. Saying a prayer for you guys, Isaac, and the operating team.

  2. So adorable, thank you for sharing. He always makes me smile :) Will be praying!