Mar 26, 2013

{surgeries 7 & 8}

well, the end of some of these surgeries is finally in sight, now.
isaac was a champ, as always. he was obviously really achy & sleepy friday thru sunday, but then something happened yesterday - i think he decided he needed to make up for all of the missed play time. i couldn't get the boy to sleep almost all day. i was exhausted by the end of it, & he was still going strong, somehow...

the cast actually doesn't seem to bother him like i thought, so far, & actually, it helps prop him up quite a bit better when he's sitting, so theres a plus. its also making him use his right arm more in the next few weeks, which he's never really done unless his left needed a little extra grabbing support, so both of those things are actually really good. the cast will be on for 3 or so weeks. im excited to see what that little arm is actually going to look like. AND to be able to change his shirts again. i think i'm going to have to take scissors to a few of them. this one is really the only one he has that i can weasel his cast through.

we were only at the hospital for 36 hours this time around. our shortest visit yet.

both surgeries went REALLY well. without a hitch. something we don't take for granted.
he was in the operating room for just over 5 hours & had three surgeons working on him. one for urology things & two working together on his hand. we loved these surgeons before, but after having encountered them outside of their offices & at the hospital we like them so much more, even. they were all very thorough & kind. we felt like isaac was in the best of hands.

the rest of this week for us will just be laying low at home. a few therapies are already starting back up today & tomorrow for isaac {speech. nothing crazy}. & we will try to stay well for the rest of flu season & keep the little man happy & comfy before we venture out to too far :)

i will most definitely be ready for spring after this.


  1. I've been following your blog for a while and I'm so glad to see that your little guy is doing so well. These photos are darling!!

  2. So glad that he's doing well! He's such a little stud and a trooper! We'll keep up the prayers for his good health! :)

  3. i'm glad the surgery went well! that second photo is so sweet. kickin up his heels with glee, what a champ.

  4. I'm going to write lovely things on that cast on Sunday. prepare yourself. I might even draw a little happy poop. Just for fun.
    Snuggle that boy for me!

  5. hi Mindy!
    I love the new layout and I'm always encouraged by your statement of faith. You are giving hope to so many people and giving glory to God. It is beautiful. So thankful for the surgery and his sweet little smile!