Apr 10, 2013

{a peek at isaacs new hand}

just a quick update: we got a little sneak peek at isaacs arm yesterday before they put a new cast back on. this time i requested a camo print to wrap him up in :)
isaac was absolutely horrified of the machine that saws off the casts. & of mr. mack. it was the saddest thing. BUT LOOK AT HIS HAND!!!! its so long! & STRAIGHT!!! we couldn't get over it. it was so strange, seeing it...it's still pretty black & blue around where the stitches were, but its healing up really well. 

three more weeks of the cast & we're done!


  1. How wonderful! Well done for all your patience and persistence. I am not surprised Isaac disapproved of the cast saw, sensible lad :)

  2. It looks fantastic!! Go Isaac!

  3. So exciting!! It looks great! :D You guys must be stoked. Keeping you in my prayers <3