Apr 5, 2013

{happy 18 months! we celebrate with arcade games & cardboard pizza!}

isaac turned 18 months old this wednesday. i meant to post then, but between all of the photos uploading i forgot to actually press the 'publish' button.
that seems to be happening a lot, lately.

this month i am really truly going to post more. i am. & i have a slightly tweaked blog to hopefully get me motivated. something simple & clean looking. it kind of reflects a bit of the spring purging we have been doing around our home here, too.

but back to isaacs birthday! we took him to the best of the best places - chuck e cheese!
he LOVED it. it isn't like i remembered from when i was little. not quite so glorious & also a lot brighter? i remember it being almost pitch black in there. maybe we just hit it at a funny time? but he adored everything about it, & we actually had a lot of fun, too. he also had his first taste of processed & not even that tasty pizza & he actually ate little itsy bitsy bites of it! what the heck!?! i have been trying to get this boy to eat ANYTHING for the past year & this is what it is going to take, i guess...

so after all of the festivities & games we went back home & opened a few little gifts & tried to give him a taste of birthday cake. nope. not interested, as you can tell. we try...

i made this yummy cake. the icing was divine. i'm not sure what everyone thought of the cake. i actually followed the recipe & it called for white whole wheat. it did taste a tiny bit...wheaty. but still good. next time i will try a gf all purpose & see how it turns out, i think...


  1. Happy 18months to Isaac! these photos are so sweet...thanks for sharing these lovely family moments :) also, I love your new blog header!

  2. happy 18 months isaac! he is so cute! i loved having my birthdays at chuck e. cheese when i was little. always so fun! praying for you guys!

  3. He's such a cute little thing. Happy 18 months!

  4. he so isn't into the cake. I love his face there. Sweetest boy.
    I PROMISE to bring a sharpie on Sunday. but maybe you should bring one just in case my promise returns empty

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