May 29, 2013

{A Latte for FA + A Pretty Neat Giveaway}

thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making this such a success.
we are announcing the winner friday morning!

Today is a very special day. One we have been planning for for a long time. Today we are doing a couple things - we are first, raising money for FA & also giving away a fun package of things picked just for you. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund.

{This part is all research stuff. Just know this will really help Isaac. A lot!!!}

Last fall we were able to get together with the people that run FARF at Camp Sunshine.
We wouldn't fundraise for anything we didn't feel was incredibly hopeful. I know money just doesn't happen in abundance for most of us, but we really believe in what this group is doing.
For example, successful unrelated donor matches for FA has risen from 0% in 1989 to over 89% in some specialized transplant centers. An unrelated donor transplant is what we are probably looking at with Isaac right now, so that is GOOD NEWS! & for us right now, the most exciting bit of research happening is with gene therapy, which basically would mean no transplants! More on research info here.



1. Click on the picture of Isaac above to donate - We are actually going to be writing out each name by hand & letting Isaac pick one.We figure if you are taking the time to donate, we can take the time to write out each of your names! So each $5 is your name in a jar.

2. If you donate $25 or more we would like to say a very extra special thank you & send you a print.  Just note A, B, C or D in the comment section when you donate & include your address for us.
We have connected up with some fabulous artists that have made this possible, so THANK YOU to Dan Romanoski {a}, Eric Hurtgen {b}, Sarah Helser {c}, & Seth Remsnyder {d}

*note: we have a limited number of the Eric Hurtgen print {b} so please include a second option in case we run out.

**international donators: we so appreciate you being apart of this with us. we would love to cover as much of shipping as we can, but would appreciate if you could include $4 extra if you would like a print.

3. Comment below {just for fun} & spread the word. we will also be picking someone at random for repinning, tweeting, sharing etc...& send you a special something as well :)

Giveaway ends at midnite EST on June 5th. 


  1. What a great giveaway!! So glad to donate to help baby Isaac!

  2. Awesome job Mindy! Curating for a cause :) I hope this is really successful!

  3. So happy to be able to support an awesome cause. :)

  4. Hi Mindy, and Daniel. My husband and I decided we would like to donate, but to the Isaac medical fund instead. We would like to leave it to you guys to decide how much of that to allocate to the FA Research Fund. Just wondering if it would still be possible to obtain one of the prints? It will be a reminder of your wonderful and inspirational family. Thanks, Lisa & Peter

  5. Lisa - Thank you so much! & you definitely can! Do you have a preference at all? Let me know :)

  6. Hi again Mindy - just sent you an email with our selection and address. Thanks!

  7. your life is beautiful. I love reading your thoughts and learning about Isaac. thanks for letting this stranger have a glimpse into another young couple's adventure. (:

  8. hurray! thanks for making it simple for us to help! b, please!

  9. I love Sarah's work...C please! We love you guys!!

  10. I've been following your blog for a while and am constantly inspired and love watching isaacs progress. Donated and shared! Good luck!