May 9, 2013

{isaacs new groove}

isaacs cast came off a week ago tuesday! i've been bad at keeping people updated. we've had some friends that have been surprised to see it off because i just haven't really let anyone know!
i 'deleted' my facebook...two weeks ago now? thats probably for another post. daniel did too. we both feel like our minds are so much quieter, but that was also another way of keeping people updated & that is gone now, so i will definitely need to start blogging a bit more so people can know whats going on.

so the CAST! the whole process of getting it off, once again, wasn't fun. daniel came for moral support. isaac screamed like crazy the whole time, which is a shame because the man that takes the casts off in their office is so kind & that is the only time isaac sees him. not to mention the fact that we just hate to see him crying like that. he has just become really sensitive to anyone other than family touching him. i can't say i blame him.

it has been a week and a half now. he has no restrictions with his arm at all - his dr said he could start crawling (ha) if he wanted to, but he is still really sensitive to any kind of touch on it. i've been trying to rub it really gently with coconut oil a little every day on the scars to kind of counter-act some of the touchiness. we're making very slow progress. he still cries most every time it is touched, but he is starting to move it again on its own & bend it at the elbow again. he's not moving his fingers much, but we're getting there.

may is FA awareness month & we are doing another blog party a lot like last year, only this year we are  working on a pretty kickin fundraiser that we are saving for the end of the month. you guys...its going to be aweeeeesome! so be looking out for quite a few more posts from me this month!

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  1. I just have to say, that I think your son is such a remarkable and strong little guy! So glad he was able to get his cast off. Hopefully he's more comfortable with it soon!