May 22, 2013

{save a baby isaac: donate your cord blood}

calling all: pregnant mommies, future mommies, friends of mommies & daddies: this is something AMAZING you can do to save a life. it is super simple. it requires little time, no extra doctor visits, procedures - nothing.

i'm talking about CORD BLOOD. 

did you know you could donate it? because i didn't, & i wish i had.
i have talked about becoming a bone marrow donor before, but cord blood is an alternative to bone marrow depending on the patient. its an either/or. so it is JUST as important.

even if this post doesn't apply to you particularly, please please SHARE IT! post it. pin it {thats why i have all the type across my photo today}. tweet it. the more i talk with people the more i realize that this isn't a widely known option. cord blood banking is becoming more talked about, but to know that if you don't choose to save your cord blood there is an incredible, life saving alternative to throwing it away!

i am going to walk you thru all of the steps to getting you informed as best as i can. you ready?

step one:

you can start first by watching this two minute video from Be The Match.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

step two:

know what options you have with your cord blood. i will say, briefly: you can donate it, save in a private bank, save for a sibling with medical needs or do nothing.

more info on those HERE.

step four:

if you decide you would like to donate {horray horray! you rockstar you}, the steps to follow are all listed out pretty clearly HERE.

i will lay them out for you on here, too, if you aren't a clicker.

1. talk to your doctor. as soon as possible is great. the window you want to hit for setting it up with the cord bank is between 28-34 weeks, so you have 7 weeks to get this done. i would still tell your doctor if you are considering it even if it is earlier though. & mark it on your calendar, so you don't forget. remember that pregnancy brain people told you about? its not a lie. you will thank me.

2. once you have reached your 28 week mark, go to Be The Match & fill out a 12 question survey to learn if you are eligible to be a cord blood donor.

3. if you are eligible, the survey will take you to a page where you select your state. from there, a list of the hospitals in your state that currently collects cord blood for public banks will appear. if your hospital IS listed, you will need to make a quick phone call to contact the cord blood bank. it is listed right next to the hosptials name. they will give you any further instructions & information.

4. if your hospital is NOT listed, select the 'not listed' button. from there you can fill out a referral form online. this will give a cord blood bank in your area your info so they can possibly send you a collection kit. there isn't a guarantee that you will be able to donate, but it is DEFINITELY worth pursuing! at that point you wait.

That is IT! Really not complicated. a few clicks. a phone call. a few minutes talking with your doctor & look what you just did?

you saved a baby isaac just like that!

the website, i really think is quite clear, but if you have any further questions dont give up! email someone at Be The Match. I have talked with many of them & they are there to help you out! you can feel free to contact me as well. i won't be able to answer questions quite so well, but i will do my darndest.

{p.s. FA Fundraiser coming in the next week so keep checking back! we have some pretty great things to give away for you guys!}


  1. I had no idea it could be donated! I feel terrible for not educating myself more, and I'm glad you've posted this for those of us who could use the extra push in being proactive next time!

  2. My husband and I have talked about this a lot and are planning on having a child very soon. We will definitely make sure to donate cord blood -- I think it is so important. I love your advocacy, Mindy! Just from reading your blog over the years I've learned so much and have tried to help in all shapes & forms that I can. So thank you!

  3. I know this is a super old post but I've been catching up on your blog and happened across this post which applies to me more now then it did then. I'm definitely going to look into this, perfect timing, I'm 30 weeks with my own little boy right now :)