Sep 25, 2013

{maine pt. 4}

the last photos of our maine trip. i still can't get it out of my head...

we have had lots - & i mean LOTS of crazy, busy, life-path changing goings on in the past several months. so i'll be updating with those soon. i hardly know where to start, so i think i wont even try for today, but soon. very soon.


  1. so kind of you @magdelena. thank you!

  2. Hi Mindy. Love your pics as usual. Do you use a full-frame camera?

    Also, I've been meaning to thank you for the lovely magnet picture of Isaac. (we donated to the Fanconi fund) My 6 year-old Son wants to meet him someday. :) I love that he knows about him and says "There's Isaac" whenever he sees his picture on the fridge. Take care!

    1. Lisa - I just saw this! I do use a full frame camera. A Canon 5d. SO sweet about your son! We would love it :)

  3. Coleman clan! I check in here every few days to see any updates and to stare at your beautiful little Isaac! Sending much love & prayers, ash xx