Oct 29, 2013

{now we have turned two}

*just a quick note on the birthday party theme, since a few people have mentioned it. my family is native american & i'm very proud of my heritage & culture & have studied & understand where my family comes from & our history. this was just a fun way for my family to celebrate our heritage & also have fun with our friends. we kept it lighthearted & dressed up because its a two years olds party. my intent wasn't to offend, or mock a culture. thank you so much for your thoughts - we really felt we were able to do this with a clear conscience & just have fun!*

isaac turns two years old earlier this month. i don't know where the time has gone with him at all.
i've been thinking the past few weeks about his years with us - i feel as though a lot of you have really been on this journey together with our family & have been so faithful to pray for him. thank you is never enough, but thank you, still, from the bottom of our hearts!

he has actually showed a lot of forward motion in the past two or three months - something we don't take at all for granted around here. his vocabulary has exploded. he can say 20-30 words - in his own special way. we're able to figure most of them out ;)

one big thing that has changed for us in the past few months is that we have come to realize that his kidney disease is actually more serious than we though. he has moderate kidney failure & his function is slowly decreasing. this means we will probably {eventually} need a kidney transplant, along with everything else. years & years away, hopefully. we aren't going there yet, but for now a preventative measure is monitoring his diet more closely & limiting his intake of protein.

so, right now i could tell you that i'm okay with this new development. i'm starting to understand it a bit better & parts of it have actually been a positive thing for us - i'll explain that in a minute. but when i was first given the news i was NOT okay. i was stressed to the max at the thought of changing isaacs diet - a diet that was almost 100% milk based {still not much of a food eater, that kid...} & receiving news that now he couldn't even have all of his milk was just crazy talk. a quick side note just to explain that - from what i understand, when your kidneys aren't working right, its hard for your body to process protein & your kidneys work even harder & wear out more quickly. meaning you would need a kidney transplant sooner than later. so its definitely a valid concern. but isaac is just...complicated. so adding in the fact that its still so hard to feed him any solids - or really even juice for that matter - this was a problem, BUT the crazy/wonderful/glorious part of this was that we decided to test out this diet, & as we gave him less milk, he actually started eating solid foods (!!!) very very small amounts, but he is getting better each week, so that now, three months later, he is able to feed himself little bits of whatever we are eating - so long as its mashed & easy to chew. some days he still eats better than others but we are super encouraged by this. he has also gained a pound and a half in the past three months which is FABULOUS for him. up until these changes we had been talking about finally just getting him a g-tube, but he is doing SO well right now all of that is on hold again. good news :)

now you are updated. that is all of the big stuff - with some doctor visits in between. oh, & a trip to minnesota to visit a transplant hospital! that was kind of a big deal too. we're just doing some early scouting, so nothing really urgent at this point.

all of the photos are from isaacs birthday party. its pretty self explanatory. we had an indian party. with lots of feather & face paint & he loved it. he was much more curious about everything than last year. so fun to see :)