Nov 20, 2013

{little tonto}

here is one of the few things that i have failed to mention yet. i started a business a few months back! all of the pieces just fell together for it really quickly - its been a whirlwind couple of months - but it has been such a wonderful hobby for me. & as a mom - its actually been really nice to have something else to put some thought into. & i've missed having some sort of creative outlet, so this is it.

so this is little tonto. it was born out of a desire to just have some shoes that actually fit isaac. with a bit of a moccasin flare, which i wanted to incorporate because my family is native american.
isaacs feet are still so itty bitty, its nice to have something fit him finally! i ended up with dozens of them before i even realized what i was doing & it got me thinking that i should try my hand at selling them. its a great nap time project to work on each day. so that was surprise number 1.

hint: surprise 2 isn't a new baby ;)

you can visit my etsy shop if you're interested, or visit the little button on the side of my blog.