Feb 16, 2014

{Happy New Year!...?}

update time! i'm not even going to apologize for how horribly long its been since i've posted last. keeping up this old blog of mine has just inched its way down on my priority list in the past year. i still love keeping family and friends (and even those of you that we don't know!) updated - just a little less often, now.

we had a wonderful, peaceful holiday time followed by a surgery for isaac at the very beginning of the year. this was actually the LAST 'planned' surgery we have! yippee!!! there will definitely be more - but mostly 'procedures' which is a world of difference. little day trips as opposed to operations. so that is something to be grateful for! this last surgery was a pollicization - which is just a fancy way of saying that they took a finger on his left hand - shortened it, rotated it & moved a few tendons around.

the end result being - isaac is now the proud owner of his own little thumb!!!
the surgery went remarkably well. we left the hospital within 36 hours and isaac seemed to be in very little to NO pain, even right afterwards. the only hiccup in the whole healing process came about a week and a half afterwards - i won't even go into lots of details. its a bit gory. so if you are a bit squeamish (i'm sorry!) you can stop reading. 

the short of it would be that for isaacs thumb to heal - they inserted a 2" rod to stabilize his thumb and casted that to keep him from moving or messing with it. so isaac - while i thought he was asleep got his cast OFF. don't even begin to ask me how this happened. our best guess is that he was scooting around in his crib and somehow wiggled his arm thru one of the bars in the crib and couldn't get it back out and kept pulling until, you know, the cast was just dangling. so i heard screams coming from his room - and found him with blood everywhere - his cast barely on, and realized after a few moments that the pin was stuck in a layer of gauze inside the cast. i grabbed isaac - who was absolutely panicked and screaming and flailing and was trying to figure out how to unhook the pin and then do - i have no idea what, but it seemed like a start - when he just yanked his arm good and hard and pulled the whole pin out himself. that is when i nearly passed out. i am able to keep my head and remain - almost to a fault, emotionally unattached and clearheaded in situations like this, but i just absolutely lost it. i had one arm to hold onto isaac - and the other to call daniel & doctors and figure out how i was going to get to the hospital asap. it took me 5-10 minutes before i was even able to look at his hand -  i was actually afraid maybe he had pulled his thumb off along with the pin - its probably not even really possible, but i wasn't exactly thinking quite clearly at the time either. anyways, the short of it is - i am grateful for our tenants out back - i banged on their door - barely able to function and they just kicked into gear and were getting ready to drive me to the emergency room when my mom showed up. then our doctor called back and daniel got home all within seconds of each other. so we made it a family affair getting downtown to see our surgeon and isaac was all bandaged up again within an hour from start to finish - and praise the lord - no damage done to his thumb thru everything.

isaac was actually incredibly calm - our doctor said the only part that really probably hurt him was pulling out the pin. i think i ended up much more frazzled by the whole thing than he was. SO, the rest of his recovery time was a breeze. he actually saved himself a trip to the doctor by removing the pin himself and his little thumb had already healed up quite nicely. we're working with a therapist now to get him moving it again. its taking some work. he's really sensitive and didn't have great movement with that finger to begin with - but i still think it was a great decision to have it done. it will be worth it! 

otherwise, he is just constantly surprising us. he is a little sponge - and talking SO SO much!!!!! he just soaks up every word we say. he would want you to know that his favorite books are 'go dog go', 'one fish two fish' and 'bears on wheels'. he asks for them constantly. and as a result is absolutely mad about dogs, hats, parties, fish and bikes :) this is the most fun time i've had with him. i feel like i just have a little friend around with me all the time. also though, it is definitely the most challenging. i was forewarned that two year olds were little crazy people, and i'm glad i had a bit of a heads up because some days….wow. i didn't think such massive tantrums were possible. seeing all of the happy pictures i post of him you probably couldn't ever dream of him being cranky but oh yes. he is incredibly good at two. but apart of what makes isaac so amazing and strong is how stubborn and determined he is. and i actually love that about him - but he is testing his stubbornness and i'm trying to learn how to bridle it without crushing it. so that will probably be the rest of my year now ;)

end of way-too-long update.

(above are just a few random photos from the past month. isaac playing my banjo (which he LOVES). his auntie briauna in town for a quick visit and dad snuggles)


  1. So glad ya'll are doing well. Miss you guys!

  2. I am so blessed by reading your blog. thanks for doing it.

  3. Glad to hear Isaac came out of that awful experience okay, though it may take his Mama a while longer to recover. Ah, those terrible twos, when their emergent selfhood fights against almost everything, even (especially?) when it's in their own best interests. Practice now: the same leap to independence occurs again when they're about 14, with much direr consequences. Good luck!

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