Apr 16, 2014

{hello, spring}

another bit of an update. with a very few photos. the year so far has wrapped me up in so many busy things that i haven't taken much time to document all of our going ons.

very quickly, i wanted to make sure i introduced maggie. she is isaac's wonderful little partner in crime. they love to snuggle and he 'secretly' feeds her all of the food he doesn't like to eat at mealtime. i never thought i could have a small dog, but she's growing on me - and very sweet to isaac. he especially likes her nose and sloppy kisses : /

isaac is TALKING now. tons and tons since i last posted.
he would tell you that he is two years old (i-two)
his favorite animal is a walrus and his favorite music is the 'down down' song on his winnie 'the pooh' record. and yes he actually says all of those things! in addition to walruses, he also graced me with the honor of saying 'mama' finally. i am completely convinced that he as been able to say it for quite some time now, but knew that i wanted him to, so he didn't. he absolutely has that sort of a personality ;)

blood counts are still pretty stable and no surgeries in sight! we've had our rough patches in the past few months, but over all it is a really peaceful time right now. we're soaking it all up!