May 11, 2015

{happy 3 1/2 years little bean}

i feel like i'm forever saying 'thank you' all for the prayers and your sweet words we've received the past few months! we are so blessed by all of the support from friends and strangers alike. and are always humbled to hear how isaac has touched people. i just wanted to give another update. we don't have anything really big to report on the medical end of things - and that's a good thing in my mind :)

this past month we celebrated isaacs half birthday on april 3rd. we've always done half birthdays. a year just seems to long to go without making a big hoorah of things. this year was a bit more low key for us. just daniel, me and isaac - we made sure the day was filled with a lot of his favorite things - kite flying, (he actually just really likes the idea of flying kites more than actually doing it. mary poppins has romanticized the idea to him, i'm pretty sure...) airplane watching, picnicing at the park and lots of family time and snuggles.

overall things are going really well with his NG tube (the tube in his nose. or tube that WAS in his nose. he pulled it out this past weekend somehow). we had a lot of really long, partly sleepless nights the first week and a half or so just trying to get a good system worked out, but i think we are finally into a sort of rhythm. the hope was that he would tolerate the extra formula at night first off, and also that he would gain weight. the first has proven to be true, and he IS gaining the tiniest bit of weight - just very slowly. i think we've upped him about 6 oz in a month and a half? it changes a bit depending on the day, but for isaac, thats actually pretty significant. every extra ounce represents countless missed hours of sleep from mom and dad. we don't take it for granted :)

we have a big summer celebration (doctor week) this week. i think after that we'll know a lot more and have a better course of direction for the year. the hopes with this coming trip are: positive, or at least hopeful results from isaacs bone marrow biopsy, successful surgeries (two of them, one to replace his NG tube with a more permanent G tube in his tummy) and the second to hopefully help with all of the reflux going into his kidneys. then hopefully by the end of the week we'll have enough answers from all of our appointments that we will be able to plan, at least a little of what this year will look like for us - and also whether or not we'll be looking at a bone marrow transplant in the next few months.

oh. one more big family announcement. isaac is not only going to be a big brother, but i'm already half way thru pregnancy number two!! our house is going to be full of boys! and so far he is looking healthy. we can't know anything for sure until after he's born, but so far we're really encouraged and excited. i'm pretty sure we have a name, but we're going to try to keep it a surprise this time around.

so LOTS going on. i'll post a better update sometime next week.

much love from the coleman clan!